Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not So Lucky

I'm still having computer woes and can't link my computer to the stereo to record vinyl or tapes for you. Kinda given up on it for now as I have been so busy downloading compilations from the many great sites out there. Here are two grand antipodean compilations requested by Bob at Sound Idea. The first is a double LP of Australian bands. THE NOT SO LUCKY COUNTRY.

Side A Arm The Insane - Fight Or DieWhere's The Pope - Jesus Gets RichNobody's Victim - Create Your Own RulesEnd Result - National ServiceFear And Loathing - 44VDInternal Haemorrhage - After The WarGash - SocialitePermanent Damage - Kids Play With GunsCosmic Psychos - Custom Credit
Side B Massappeal - Elitist ShitCondemned Attitude - Homeless CrewRenegade - Riot Squad GladiatorAardvark's Afterbirth - Army Of HitlersSeptic Saw Blades - WarsFester Brothers - GagDeath Sentence - FearSlub (with John Murphy of SPK) - H.L.D.Depression - War And Freedom
Side C Civil Dissident - Memories Of MenziesThe Hard-Ons - Show Us Wot Ya GotAlligator Parade - Wild Chicken FarmFilthy Scumbags - Lager Drinkers From HellUtter Stench - Slappy'sBad Ronald - The Tree SongDeath Sentence - AdrenalinVenom P. Stinger - Venom P. Stinger
Side D Vicious Circle - The Jokers PalaceHard Corpuscles - Ronald IsExtremes - AmericaMental Hellth - Always The SameNo Control - C.I.A.Be Kind To Beavers - Stop The CityCrucified Truth - Make A StandPsychotic Maniacs - MeatPermanent Damage - Where I Stand

Sides A&B

Sides C&D

These are courtesy of the fabuloso


1. Civil Dissident - A Nazi Choice2. Civil Dissident - Vacant Race3. Vicious Circle - Blood Race4. Vicious Circle - Police Brutality5. Murder Murder Suicide - Life's A Breeze6. Murder Murder Suicide - Rockstar7. End Result - I Won't8. End Result - No Brains On Tap9. Scum - Give The Kid A Gun10. Scum - The John Barleycorn11. Royal Flush - Christian Bullshit12. Royal Flush - Coppers 'Round The Corner13. I Spit On Your Gravy - Violent Fluff14. I Spit On Your Gravy - Done To Death15. Charred Remains - Rid Melbourne16. Charred Remains - Space Exploration17. Bodies - Live In This World18. Bodies - Mr. President19. Permanent Damage - Day After20. Permanent Damage - Don't Have A Say21. Madflowers - Escape Through A Needle22. Madflowers - Crewmen's Remains

And A New Zealand comp HATE YOUR NEIGHBOUR PW rpm

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bloody Japan

As some of you may know BloodyJapan is now only available via invitation. I downloaded the Underground Punk Rocker compilations (which are excellent) but can't get back onto the site to print out the track listings. I need the bands on #4 & #5. Does anyone have the list? Cheers in andvance.