Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Tubes-What Do You Want From Live?

This was one of the first "punk" records I bought back in 1978. In fact it may have been my first vinyl ever at the tender age of 13. I must have saved my pocket money or lunch money. Yes I was a punk before you, well not all of ya. I was disappointed at the time that it was a bunch of old rockers jumping on the punk bandwagon. They had a show that was banned for the obscenitities and lewd behaviour. It does have some good songs on it though and the record cover is nicely done. You really have to wait until later on in the concert when the singer Fee Waybill gets smashed out of his mind. An hour long Double LP so you get it split into four. Will anyone admit to seeing them live? The must have got value for money, except for the guy who gets up on stage and has the shit kicked out of him. I guess Crass must have listened to this as they did "White Punks on Hope" a take off the Tubes title "White Punks on Dope".

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Distort Fucking Hype

Out of the eastern sun came our friends from Nippon. I can't think of one Japanese punk/hardcore/crust band that I don't like. The records here come off of my Undertaker Tape #604. This includes the Yokohama and Niigata City Hardcore comps and some eps. These are out of print now. There were dozens of different city hardcore records. I'll do more another time. I've tried to divide up the tracks as best as I can, but some run together like the Discordance Axis. Also I think I fucked up on the speed. SMOL sounds wrong but in a good way, like playing Swans at 45rpm sounds better than the sludge 33rpm. Can't do anything about this now as I don't have the vinyl, just a bunch of tapes. Hey if you're gonna make a 7" and use 33rpm put the info on the label.
Here's a link to How's Your Edge which lists loads of Jap compilations.
The EPs are:
SDS -Scum System Kill
Asbestos-War Crisis
Hellchild/Discodance Axis split
Majestic Four/SMOL split
Rinjyu Zange-Who's teh Founder

Saturday, August 25, 2007

dios hastio/Septicemia Split EP

Only 5 years old on Vicious Interference Records of Land O Lakes Florida comes a split with a Peruvian and a Brazilan band. Dios Hastio are from Peru. Pummeling, raging 1000 mph hardcore. Tracks are

Perpetual memories from a desolation at the distance.
A thousand names for the whore.
Zedante Universal.
Hasta Sangrar/Tierra Muerte
Nada Importa Ya

Septicemia also like the speed. I got this with a bunch of other south american records and thought from the name that they might be a grindy Carcassy band, but was pleasantly surprised, not that I mind the aforementioned genre. They are from Brazil and have a good sound that is more hardcore and less metal than many of the brazilian bands. They also start of one song with a little bit of reggae guitar, but it is deliciously out of tune. The lyrics are personal, but together with the music don't get wussy emoscreamoish. Tracks:

The outer record cover is kinda boring and the inner has the lyrics and translations to English. I think I'll send them an e-mail of encouragement.
password: RPM


If you haven't already head over to the site where Slobodan and Maize have put out all the Bloodstains comps. That has saved me a whle bunch of time looking for missing tapes etc. The only thing I will look for is the track list for the comp. I know it contained two tracks from the fantastic Glueams. Was there really a Bloodstains Across the Canary Islands? That's one I hadn't heard. Slobodan also says the complete KBD series is coming next week! X-Mas is coming early folks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ivor Biggun

I think this is a load of shite, but it seemed to get quite a response on nuclear armed hogs. If you want me to download the entire LP leave comments. I'll have to dig it out of the back of the cave.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Not punk, but one of my favourite songs ever. "Lola" originally by The Kinks, I just love the lyrics. These male models in CUD rocked out many more tunes and were very creative with the record packaging. Box sets, postcards, cardboard spectacles, maps of the world etc.
Password: RPM

The Transistors

From Croydon, Surrey came The Transistors. This Porky Prime Cut (remember all those) was done back in 1981. The third track "Sniffing Glue" should have been a punk anthem. Anyone know if they released more?

The Christie Files

Inspired by Nuzz's blog I want to list this book. It's a good read a bit like a fiction spy book, but it's the true life accounts of Christie's battle against tyranny. It's funny, informative and scary. He is the "Person Unknown" who is known. The ISBN is 0-904564-37-1 published by Cienfuegos Press in the UK and Partisan Press in the USA.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Crazy guys from out west with a unique theme.

Ripping Thrash

You must view fanzine with MP3s such as the above.


I found a whole bunch of interesting info of Groningen, Netherlands bands on There were lots of MP3s with muisc going back to the early 80's. I haven't checked the links lately so if they are out of date let me know as I have them downloaded. The bands include amongst others Bloedbad, Fleas & Lice, Cockroach and the fantastically named Catweazle. Do you remember the TV show with Jon Pertwee? DVDs are now available of the series. Maybe my mum-in-law can get me one for X-mas. Last year she got me "Porridge" amongst other pressies.


Here is another Norwegian band with a link to som eMP3s. Good rockin' tunes.

Anal Babes

This is a cool band from Norway. I was going to upload a bunch of the bands songs but you can visit their website and check them out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Another raw band, but from a later time of 1991. This is from their Meatshits split. Don't like the Meatshits stuff so it's absent.

story teller / roast beef / you're next / natural fiasco / no second chance


I knew a kid who tattooed Solger on his chest but he did it himself looking in the mirror and so did the "g" backwards. Hardcore man! This Seattle band were very raw and hardcore just check out the songtitles
i hate it / raping dead nuns // american youth / dead soldier. Sounds like it was from the mid '80s but is supposed to be from 1980. I think this may have been reissued a couple of years back.

Proletariat-Soma Holiday LP

A Boston band with a unique sound. A little more melodic than their contemporaries. This is from 1983 with the tracks:
decorations / splendid wars / famine / embraced / events - repeat / another banner raised / hollow victory / condition / avoidance // pictures / bread and circus / blind / subsidized / torn curtain / purge / scars / decide on change / no lesser of evils


A.M.Q.A. standing for Apple Maggot Quarantine Area. This come from a tape that I'm not sure has all the tracks and I'm also not sure of the record title. The band were from Washington State and I think this was from 1986.

The Clitboys-We Don't Play the Game 7"

I think this is the only record by these east coast rockers. I have seen reviews saying this is generic, but it get a passing grade from me.
Gay's Okay/ Slogan Boy/ So Funny/ We Don't Play The Game/ No Such Thing/ Have Faith/ Sheep.

P.S. Maybe from Milwaukee and not east coast.

Angry Samoans

The Angry Samoans didn't put too much on their record, but it's all quality stuff from 1981. The record looks like the band is called the Queer Pills, cos they were banned on some radio stations under the AG name. Tracks:
stupid jerk / time to fuck / the todd killings // they saved hitler's cock

Sons Of Ishmael

I thought I was doing pretty good today downloading a bunch of old North American records for you. Then I lost the IP connection. To start off Sons Of Ishmael show that the Canadian's believe value for money with 13 tracks on the Hayseed HC EP tracks list:
small town mentality / break free / 'democracy' / mr personality / governors of death / todays victim: tomorrows aggressor // parasites / explanation / social drinker / condemned to live / another groovy tune /follow the leader / service to your country: end to your life. Recorded in 1985 download in 2007 from

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Retching Red

I recorded this in Brandon, FL July 21st 2006 on video so you probably get it in mono. Nice political band from California. Their website is The bands alter ego is Oppressed Logic and at the end of the set they play some OP songs. Some quality musicianship here, which is not always a good thing, but they put feeling and thought into it too.

Finnish Spun-Hard Beat

Does anyone have this LP? Finnish spunk – Hard Beat compilation LP from Rock-O-Rama Records. Released in 1984 and never repressed, but bootlegged on the „Hardcore holocaust" comp. LP Features:
RIISTETYT -I want death + Doomsday,
BASTARDS- World Burns + The Beginning of the end,
HIC SYSTEEMI-Blue and white Doll,
DESTRUCKTIONS-Who's got the power?,
VAURIO-Think + Oppression & Persecution,
RAPPIO-watching the world,

Also the following but these are missing from my tape. Recorded over in error.

Finnish Drunks - Punk is Hippies

Released in the mid 90's on Japanese FanClub with 4 bands mid 80's eps. This comp contains another band called "Aparat", but completely different sound. The Finnish had a much different sound to their Scandinavian neighbors. Almost like they listened to Disorder while the Swedes listened to Discharge. The Finnish Drunks comp contains Painajainen which is one the few Finnish words I know being nightmare. The other words I know happen to be Rutto being pestilence and Mellakka being clash or riot. See punk is very educational. This is for sale on ebay for a $75. I have not inlcuded the Mellakka -Ei tracks. They have a compilation CD out so get it to get all the Mellakka songs. I asked Bob Suren if he knew anything about Rutto. He said that was funny because he likes them a lot and asked the same from the guys in Rattus and they too laughed saying they get asked that a lot. Apparently Rutto was just a joke band thrown together and yet the sound came out almost perfect. By the way Rattus contains some great guys and I have a video of them when they came over a couple of years ago. Actually I have 2 videos as they did two gigs in Brandon. They also gave me their tour banner, which now hangs in my cave.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Uppsala Crust Compilation PW. RPM Some crusty bands from Uppsala, Sweden circa 1996. Of course the best band ever to come out of there were Headcleaners. Don't know anything about the city, but it is either one cool place or one shitty repressed place to put out so many great punk bands.


Fast forward 2 years and you get this a much mellower single from the band. Looks like the band still comprised of Igoe, Fisher and Dagnut when they released this on Criminal Damage Records. October 1st 1983. I bought this only last year. How many more records of their's were there?

Dead Man's Shadow

We all love Avtion Pact! but how about a little love for D.M.S.? They did the split single with Action Pact! and also a couple or three on their own. This one is "Neighbours!" EP. From 15th March 1981 on Pig Records. Just a perfect example of what sort of music (noise) we were making back then. I've heard some people on other blogs saying they don't like this UK period. Oh well we all have different tastes, but for me Punk is DIY.

Hiroshima Mon Amour

One day late, but in case you didn't know yesterday was the anniversary of the nuclear bomb being dropped on Hiroshima. Of course there are hundreds of anti-war songs but the first that came to my mind was this by Ultravox! don't forget the "!" Released in 1977 on Island Records. The first Ultravox! singer John Foxx went solo and signed to Virgin.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Stamp Out Disco

The Australians sure had their share of great punk bands. To prove the point here is are some of the best from back in the day. This is by no means all they had to offer. Missing to name but two are the mighty Chosen Few and X. PW = RPM

Monday, August 6, 2007

Killed By Death 15 1/2

See previous post for track listing. Sado Nation still have a website with cheap CDs. Dow Jones and the Industrials have a heap of videos on You Tube. You get a different perspective on a band when you see them live. PW= RPM

A Compilation for Tim Yohannon

Damn I'm going to need some luminol to find those Bloodstains. In the meantime here's A Compliation Dedicated to Tim Yohannon. It's slammed full of classic hardcore US band. Password:RPM

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adam and the Ants

Adam and the Ants were around from the primordial birth of punk. Yes the later poppy stuff stank, but his early concerts were riots and the music quirky and sexy. My favourite is the last "Whip in My Valise". I also have this on single. It conjours up images of the "Sex" shop in London and bondage. Only images as the closest I got to bondage was messing around with ripped up jeans. The guitarist Marco Pirroni is still involved in music. He too was there when punk started. In fact he played with Siouxsie and Sid Vicious at the 100 Club. His current activities can be discovered at Check out for more history on the band and the other classic punk bands. This website is one I return to regularly as they have great connections to band members who give first hand accounts of the early period of punk.


California's Defiance released this thrasher in 1989. The late 80's were a lean period for punk and the guitar on this is a little wanky in places. I'm not going to say much more other than I'm looking forward to some earlier period punk.


Just a reminder that this blogging takes lots of time and I'm just going to download most of the music without separating the tracks. You can download the MP3 and rerecord and split up the songs if you want. Also I will be digging out some more of the Bloodstains LPs soon. Cheers to all.


This band if you download and find out are metal like Pantera etc. Why then are they in the Rare Punk blog? Cos the geetar player is Eric who was in Belching Penguin. I met Eric in Sarasota when he was working on one of my cars. We got to talking and he gave me a copy of the BP LP and invited me to hang out at the band's rehearsals. I've lost touch with Eric and don't think the band is going anymore. The recording is from back in about 1996. This band was fucking fierce! Oh yeah if you haven't heard Belching Penguin Bob at and Burrito Records recently released a 7" of demos by the band.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Terrornauts

These punky guys were from sunny Floriduh. Five rockin' tunes.

Necros-Tangled Up

Yes I'm back from Georgia and chowing down on some spicy lentils and puppodums while The Necros "Tangled Up" uploads. Great band from the midwest of America. Of course their early '80's "Conquest For Death" is not matched here. The record was made in 1987 on Restless Records and has a more metal,grunge feel just like many other bands that kept going. Anyway I thought some might like to hear this.