Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Godstomper/Entrails Massacre

Today's delights are varied with some modern noise and some older sex music.

Godstomper from California are a very interesting band in that they manage to put out a complete sounding songs using just bass and drums. Ultra fast and loud.

On the other side of the record is Entrails Massacre from Germany who have a more traditional set up of instruments. I was worried by their name that they would be just another gore band, band they are much better than that. However, their psychotic screaming and growling and lyrics are music to my ears.

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party formed out of the ashes of the Australian band The Boys Next Door. Like many other Aussies they moved to London in the early '80s and were pretty successful and highly influential. I saw them play with Bauhaus and Subway Sect around 1983. They were fronted by wild man Nick Cave, but what sticks in my mind most was the bassist Tracy Pew, wearing a cowboy hat and moustache. He gyrated around like he was his bass. My brother Andrew also went to the gig, which was the only one he ever went to. I tried to bootleg it, but the bouncers took my tape player and also confiscated the laces of my steel toe capped boots. This is there first single recorded whilst still in Australia, but interestingly they had already signed to 4AD Records.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tape 425

From my tape trading days of the late '90s here's Tape 425. It contains some good street punx in the form of Choking Victim, The Banned, Disenchanted, Violent Society, The Krays, Public Nuisance, Suicidal Supermarket Trollies, uno from Kill Your Idols and a couple from Oi Polloi. As a side note over here in yankee doodle land supermarket trolleys are called carts, but not in my household! May the trolleys roll forever.

Choking Victim play some ska which I am not usually fond of but these guys had their hearts in the right places which A+ lyrics. From NYC and this was released in 1996. Some in the band went on to form Leftover Crack who aren't bad either.

I don't know anything about The Banned other than they are a lot faster and heavier than the ska boys and they sound like they are from somewhere in North America.

Shame the Violent Society track is cut off as I like them better than The Disenchanted. In fact I'm sure I have some more of their eps. Let me go and look. I found one; a split with the Boils on Schuylkill Records from 1996. It says they were from Pennsylvannia.

With a name like The Krays you might be forgiven for guessing that these lads were from the East End of London, but no they hail from Brooklyn, NY. The Krays may also be thought of in the ska camp, but here they play some nifty, tight, fast rockin' toons, except for the last one which in which they skank around and put me to sleep.

Public Nuisance have a limited website Looks like these crooked edge punks have been going for 21 years, but the sound could be early 80s UK, with some fuzzy guitars and bouncy, pogoey rhythm. They split the ep with another drunk punk band SST who are from London.

Oi Polloi of course are from Scotland. I have a super video of them somewhere in Scandinavia. The band held up signs to help the crowd sing along, but most looked like they were extremely inebriated. There was some great air guitars by some local punks using mops and brooms.

Kill Your Idols were from NYC. I bet the guy that sent me this tape was from there. Cheers whoever you are. I think when we were trading I asked for some other stuff like the Conflict records and he added on these to the last tape.

I think I did pretty good on the transfer today from tape to computer, despite being interrupted by the postman and almost burning my spicy black bean burger.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Thank you I never set up my comments section correctly and have now changed it to accept anyone. I was never trying to be exclusive I'm just dumb.

Blogs of the Week

Thanks to "Am I Mean" I found the following site which has a wide variety of noise. I downloaded most stuff except for some grind, but was particularly drawn to the Head of David. I presumptuous in thinking that the "Mixes" would be too refined and therefore shit, but it's all good. I will try and put the blog on my links, but for a while I haven't been able to add new links.

Record of the week is the Discharge/The Filth split which can be found on

Also check out again . I was going to post those Japanese City comps, but this will save me a lot of time for you ungrateful bastards.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bullshit Detector 4

Crass put out the legendary 3 Bullshit Detector records which allowed a way for unknown anarchist bands to get onto vinyl and be heard by more than just their local friends. Bullshit Detector 4 was put out by a Swiss label Resistance Productions in 1994, but some of the tracks are definitely from 10 years earlier. This time the compilation has more European bands, whereas the Crass ones were mainly British punkers. PW rpm

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Waste - The Snipers plus more

I am recording off of Tape 413 for you. You will have to put up with and re edit any discrepancies as recording from tape takes a while and you can easily miss the end of a track. The first link is to The Waste ep and The Snipers ep. pw : rpm

Friday, April 18, 2008

Six Minute War - Slightly Longer Songs

As requested.
Tracks are:

The Weathermen

Rod Of Iron

Kung Fu Killers

Last Drop


As far as I know this was an Irish band who were around from the start of punk. I think I have some early tracks by them somewhere. This single is from 1982 and is some good melodic, but not too soft, punk. Do they have a discography out? Can't upload the cover at the moment as Blogger says there is an error. I'll try later. It's a fairly colourful sleeve for the time it was issued. The band look like a nice bunch of lads.

Monday, April 7, 2008

From Ashes Rise - Nightmares

As always the Ultracrust site puts out great posts. This time they help us out by posting the From Ashes Rise record. Go to or go here

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogs of the week

Thank you Cult Maniax for being one of the few to post a comment and thank you for th link to your fantasimodo site which is full of goodies. For example the Sinyx demo.
Also check out the blog which has something for everyone, not that I'm keen on those "Rancid" type punk bands nor ska. My favourites were the Idol Punch records.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Attak - Today's Generation EP

Good "Blitz" style punk on the ever wonderful "No Future" label. I also have another Ep and a reissue LP.

The System

This was their first ep on Spiderleg Records #4. Their next was #11. They did not show up at the Anarchist Center for that gig of all gigs from which I have posted live recordings. I'm pretty sure I have a discography of them as well.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

Here's a photo I took from a pig farm that I worked on. Is there any doubt that diseases might spread from farm to farm. The pigs were supposed to be put in a pit of lye and then covered up. They were just left to rot and crows fed on them. I always wanted to use this photo on a record cover, but I never did.

Six Minute War - More Short Songs.

What were we doing in 1980. We were campaigning for nuclear disarmament. Did it do any good? Well some countries like New Zealand do not allow nuclear submarines etc in their waters. Six Minute War was pre Fallout. Very similar and just as good. I have the other Ep "Slightly Longer Songs". I found the old photo at the top of me and some "radicals" at a CND rally in October 1981.

La Muerte

I'm trying out a different turntable as the boys did a Jackie Chan and smashed the old one. Here's some more of the Belgium band La Muerte as requested back in September by Rik and Dr Feelgood. Let's hope it doesn't take me another 6 months to post their other vinyl!

Tracks are:

I Would Die Faster

Black God White Devil

Ecoute Cette Priere

Make It Easy

Shoot in Your Back

Death Race 2000

Burst My Soul

Killing is my Business

Scared Flame