Friday, April 4, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

Here's a photo I took from a pig farm that I worked on. Is there any doubt that diseases might spread from farm to farm. The pigs were supposed to be put in a pit of lye and then covered up. They were just left to rot and crows fed on them. I always wanted to use this photo on a record cover, but I never did.


schrottvogel said...

Looks like an abstract painting somewhat like Hieronymus Bosch. Horrible!

Tom Knox said...

Hells yeah, I want some fries with my meat!!!

terminaltoy said...

What year? What disease? What country? ...a bit of typo and photoshopping and it will still make a catchy album cover.

bobby said...

excellent photo.
reminds me of early virgin prunes twenty teens cover.
some nice italics--"just sleeping"