Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloodstains Across the Midwest

Boy if you guys paid me per hour for doing this blog I'd be rich. It's a real chore with downloads not working, files duplicating or going missing. Anyhows here's the Midwest Bloodstains. Sorry each file is individual. The order is Dow, Hask, Emb, Giz, Baloney, Cust, NNB, Lat, Tox, Gyn, Cult, Brain, Ment, End, Crap, Five.

Oh, and the California link is fixed.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bloodstains Across California

Does anyone like the Bloodstains and Killed by Death records? I have quite a lot of them and can post them if there is any interest. I'm putting up the California comp as it contains one of my favourite songs ever "Midget" by the Vktms. My sister stole one of my John Peel tapes when we were kids. On this home made comp I rerecorded many songs and went on a quest for others. It took me a while to get the Eltifits ep and the Vktms eventually released a CD on Broken Rekids. I got this from the guitarist John Binkov, who is a great guy. Sadly Nina died a few years ago. Probably the other best band on the comp were The Controllers. I have an LP of theirs which is a classic. Anyway here's the Bloodstains record.

Here's a link to John Binkov's VKTMS webage

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bad Brains

On 2nd May 1983 while I was still at the tender age of 17 I was fortunate to see Bad Brains at Croc's in Rayleigh, Essex. There was a lengthy delay as the band would not play without and ganga. Someone had to drive all the way back to London to get some. While I was waiting I went up to Joseph I and asked if he had a set list. The copy is above. He said he didn't mind, but not to mention it to his brother. He took me backstage, where the band was drinking Guinness. It was a small room with nowhere to hide when bottles started flying around. The crowd was disappointing and lethargic and the band were disjointed making too many stops to change from punk to reggae. However, I had a great time. No fights!

Impact (UK)

This one's for Keith of Running Riot blog. It's a recording I took of Impact in 1981 in Chelmsford, Essex. They were supporting UK Subs. I never got to see or record UK Subs as I was attacked by the nazi punks, because I was wearing the Dead Kennedys "nazi punks fuck off" armband.

Yr Anhrefn

Boy this post has given me a lot of grief. Anyway Yr Anhrefn were from Wales and sang in Welsh. They were a favourite of John Peel and in fact the following recordings were taken off his radio station. I have hundreds of tapes of John Peel shows, where I would stay up late at night waiting with my finger on the pause button for him to announce which band was coming next. I have a lot of sessions recorded. His show was 2 hours long and a band doing a session would normally do 4 songs which he would play about ever quarter of an hour. The show would be on from 10-12 at night and I would often fall asleep and miss the fourth track. The band were on the softer side of punk, but are high up on my punkometer. For me punk is what the bands are singing about. Music can be heavy, but have some shite, wishy washy subject like these new metal bands, or it can have fire from within. Check out other Welsh bands like Dat Blygu. Also Anhrefn have a website somewhere which has MP3s and information of their later projects. I tried to upload these all together, but DIVshare kept uploading half then booting me off. If anyone wants the track titles let me know.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Skipping up the alphabet here's 20 minutes of the Subhumans recorded at the anarchist centre in London. 4 or 5 other bands also played and all for 1 pound. I'll post the other bands another time. Flux, Rudimentary Peni, Conflict, The Mob. This was the first time I met Dick. He left his "leather" jacket where I was standing. I saw the in St. Petersburg a few years ago and got a good video of them.

Black Easter

While I'm at it here's the Black Easter recordings from the same Amebix gig. I also have the "Ready to Rot" (1982) EP by them. Anyone know if these guys released anything else, or if they were in other bands? Jeff Bale did a review in MRR, where he did not like the band. I think it's great. They had a unique sound, not copycatting a generic sound. Don't worry about the start of the recording. I couldn't see if the record was on, then switched it off and back on when I worked out what I was doing. As I said in the Amebix blog it was my friend's recorder.


For Slobodan Burgher here's the Amebix gig I recorded at the George Robey Pub, London. There is a lot of feedback on the guitar. The excellent bass playing though shines through. Vocals are good too and so often something is missing in the use of poor sound systems. The date was 18th October 1982. There was a pretty good turn out of punkers and it was violence free. As usual I rode my bicycle 10 miles to the train station, caught a train up to London and then tried to find the venue. I think I was on a double decker bus and looked down to see punks sprawled out on the pavement. I got off at the next stop and walked back to find the pub. Mark and Andy went with me and we used Mark's tape recorder. Ultra hitec, heh, that's all we had and things turned out pretty good most of the time. What you hear is what it wa like there.

Ad Nauseam

So that I don't miss anything I'm going to work through the alphabet. This does not mean that I won't come back to add more recordings. Next is Ad Nauseam who were an anarcho punk band from the south of England. I have a tape they sent me which is half a demo and half a concert from 1982. It cost 1 pound back in the day. Unfortunately I recorded over the live tracks as they were very poor quality. I have added the 4 tracks from their "Brainstorm" ep on Flicknife records.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Punk Poets

Something a little different. Here's one of my compilation CDs with a bunch of punk poets. 1-5 is Attila the Stockbroker. He is still going today and I think Hangover Heart Attack had a link to his current CD. andy T. follows (6-19) with more rantings in a harder anarcho vein. 21-21 is some more Attila. John Cooper-Clarke occupies the middle of the CD. You Tube has some good vids of him. Great visual appearance with his frizzy hair, suits and dark spectacles. Skipping across the border to Scotland we have Ivor Cutler. He was not a punk, but was loved by many. Digressing slightly here but don't you think those that are most punk are those that did not fit the stereotype of leather clad, hooligans? At the tail end is Ted Chippenden. Very anti-hero. Everyone is a masterpiece.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


The X-Cretas were from Gillingham in Kent. I saw these guys play with Fallout and Anthrax at (I think) The Fulham Greyhound. I know I have a recording of Fallout and Anthrax. I'm not sure about X-Cretas. Sometimes I had to chose which bands to record with only limited battery lifespan. After the performance I bought this tape from Loz in the band. The insert says Side 1 was recorded 30/10/82 with Trev - vox, Loz - bass, Dee - guitar, Jess - drums. Side 2 recorded 6/2/82 with changes of Bill - guitar and Pete - drums. Great anarcho music with nice pogobility. Shame is it was one of those gigs where only a handful of people were there. Where did everyone go after '82? Here's the link to the tunes. I think I've mastered the art of getting them in one folder. Let me know if there aer problems.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Waxwork Dummies

I'm planning on posting rare punk demos, live bootlegs etc. The first will be from my hometown of Chelmsford, Essex, England. I learnt of Waxwork Dummies through my friend, Duncan, whose brother was in the band. He gave me their cassette which I am hoping to share with y'all here. Incidentally their sister Georgina was also a cool punk. 3 punks in one family, very nice. The title of the cassette is "Studio Demo July...August 1980" Stereo Wax 1. The band line up was Mould - voice, Lawrence - guitar, piano, voice, Stuart - drums, Angus - bass. Stuart also played in nazi shithead Special Duities, but we won't hold it against him for this recording. When we were kids my friends and I studied Native American history and at one time even thought of coming over and participating in the sun dance where you are hung up with piercings through your chest. The whole concrete indian thing was like punks dressing like indians. The most famous would have been Adam Ant. OK let's see if I can create a link.