Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Black Easter

While I'm at it here's the Black Easter recordings from the same Amebix gig. I also have the "Ready to Rot" (1982) EP by them. Anyone know if these guys released anything else, or if they were in other bands? Jeff Bale did a review in MRR, where he did not like the band. I think it's great. They had a unique sound, not copycatting a generic sound. Don't worry about the start of the recording. I couldn't see if the record was on, then switched it off and back on when I worked out what I was doing. As I said in the Amebix blog it was my friend's recorder.


pep64 said...

I was at this Black Easter gig..I used to have a live gig from 1984 but lost the tape! there were a few copies around a few years ago..

check out Black Easter at My Space

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