Saturday, June 30, 2007

Killed By Death 4

For Cletusdog and anyone else who's interested #4 in the Killed By Death series. Mine is on green vinyl of Redrum Records. Don't forget to buy the reissue CDs of these bands. I recently got The Jerks discography.

More Antisect

For Curious Guy Antisect from April 1987 in Newcastle.

Upcoming treats

I plan on recording for you some of my bootlegs from 1982/83. The ones I've dug out and dusted off are Antisect 83 x 2 Antisect 87 (this could become the Antisect fan club site, maybe I'll record the LP and single as well, but you can find it on 7InchCrust), Lost Cherees 83, Flux of Pink Indians 82 & 83, Conflict 82, Mob 82, Fallout 82, Subhumans 82, Rudimentary Peni 82, Husker Du 85.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pop Quiz

Who is this?


I got listening to this which should have been more Kulturo, but is an Antisect gig and so it's here for you as soon as the downloading gets done. I have a couple more Antisect gigs. An early one I recorded and one of their last ones in 1987.


This is NOT one of my favourite records, but it's rare as rocking horse shit. Thought I'd share it with you. This will be the last post for a while as the back is starting to get stiff. This will be the first record I record directly from the player to the computer. Let's see how it works out. This is a 12" on blue vinyl which was quite a treat back then. Hologramme Music.


Now we all love Antisect so how about's some post Antisect from Kulturo. Two gigs one from 1991 and one from 1990. Both at Planet X, Liverpool. The Beatles never sounded this good.


Not strictly an anarcho band, but their hearts were in the right place. I saw them play in The Crypt which was a real crypt beneath a church in London. They played with Exit-Stance. My child bride was with me. She rates Exit-Stance as one of her favourite punk bands. DWU impressed me, I told them so and they were nice enough to give me this very rare demo tape. I wonder where demo 1 is and if they had any records. The music to me had a rockabilly feel.

Don't be scared. Those of you with ADD may have trouble with the length of the songs. #4 is 7.40!

New Release on Burritto Records

Check out all the other releases from this true DIY punk record label.

Bloodstains Across Germany 2

This will be the next post. Missing from the recording are Artless and Razors. Good songs but I did not record them from this record as I already have them . I sometimes economize with space as you have to fit stuff on a limited space and I don't always want duplicates. I may dig out where I have the songs and add them later. Also sorry I wasn't paying attention and didn't stop the recorder before the start of the next track which is by Vatican Commandos.

Killed By Epitaph 2LP

This was put out in 1996 but has Dutch bands from 1977-1982. Originally called "I'm Sure We're not gonna Make It. I'm not going to separate all the tracks as it takes me long enough to do this anyway. "Daddy is my pusher"- Tits, "Don't Hide Your Hate"-Filth may have a different volume. Don't know where "I shouldn't Go" -Coitus Inc. has gone. Hey this is punk rock DIY. Also the tracks are outta order on the printed list which I got off the internet, but you can work it out easily.


Technical difficulties may be overcome. $5 at a local electrical shop and some cable to link up the stereo to the computer via the headphones. I will be handling requests first so there will be Killed By Death Punk and Anarcho punk. Here are Anthrax who were from Kent, England. I recorded this at The Greyhound in Fulham, (I think). The date was November 22 1982. It was a pretty big venue, but not many people turned up. Also performing were X-Cretas and Fallout. I've already posted a demo tape from X-Cretas and have the Fallout live somewhere. Very rare to hear a recording by Anthrax. Has anyone got any others? Tracks are:

1. All The Wars
2. What will Tomorrow Bring
3. Got it all Wrong
4. Exploitation
5. PPB.

6. Introduction to War
7. Prime to Pension
8. All Things Bright and Beautiful
9. Capitalism is Cannibalism
10. Violence is Violence

Monday, June 25, 2007

Groupes Francais

Yes I know only half these bands are from France. The first few bands play good stomping skinhead music from many moons ago.

I recorded these off the internet a long time ago. I have never been able to find the site again which is a shame as there were some more tracks that didn't download at the time. The site had pictures and info on the each band. More info from me may follow.

Technical Difficulties

Japanese Hardcore vol. 1

I think this is a homemade compilation, but it's possible it's a boot. Whatever it is the music is raging full on. I've been having technical difficulties again. I bought some rewritable CDs to record tapes for you, but none of my machines want to accept the CDs. I need to start recording all my records and tapes onto CD. I need a personal assistant. 600 tapes, 1200 records where to start? Does anyone have anything on their wish lists? By now you have some idea of what I have. Most of my vinyl classics come from the early 80s period. No Future, Crass Records, Riot City etc. I also have post punk, grunge, riot grrl, plus a lot of US, Jap and Scandinavian punk. Bob at Sound Idea let me record lots of his collection onto tape. I would go over to his shop and record on 3 record players at a time. DJ Pogel!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is a quick little post during a break after watching USA hang on to beat Canada and in a few minutes Mexico will be playing Guadalupe. Eltifits were my holy grail of a band. It took me a long time, but a couple of years I finally found their Worthing Street EP. These tracks here though I think are from the equally rare John Peel session. This I believe is from 1980. I only have three tracks at the mo. The missing track is a cracker. I will post it and the vinyl versions and photo later. I have not seen much info on the band or whether they had any more recordings. I did on a Leigh Festival a track from Eltifits, where even the compilers didn't know the title, although one source has it as "Tony Wilson Fucker". They may have been a Manchester band as they seem to have played with Joy Division a few times.

If you like this Vinyl Tap still has a copy of the EP for only 10 pounds-a steal if you ask me.

Facade Burned Black

Now for something a little heavier. Facade Burned Black out of Virginia, USA. I saw them at Sound Idea a few years back and bought this CD from them. It's on Amendment Records. Check them out and see if they have any other material or by now they may have mutated to a different band. The band aspire to "an effort to keep music from becoming the aural equivalent of Prozac and it's listeners a statistical mass of consumers". Link

Estonian Punk

Here a a few bands from the country of Estonia, that I compilied myself. Link

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Flux of Pink Indians

This picture is from the inside of the "Neu Smell" ep. I spent a free class period copying this and writing out the words on the side of a cubicle. I doubt it's still there, being as how old I am now. Anyhoo I've downloaded a couple of live gigs I recorded. Back in the good old days I saw Flux of Pink Indians more times than any other band. They played with a variety of bands so I would see where they were playing up in London and go along. One of the gigs is from the Anarchist Centre where they played with The Mob, Conflict etc. and the other is from the George Robey, which was the gig with Amebix and Black Easter. Extra tracks are from the LP. The download is a whole CD, so get one ready.

America es Bella... Compliado

Compilation with Argentine, Chilean, Mexican bands etc Comes with booklet that has info. lyrics from the bands and also anti US information. These guys want "anarquia hoy". I think I got my copy from Mexico. try, or
Here's the download link. AS always if there is a password needed it will be "RPM"


For 7 inchCrust here's (hopefully) a link to Rapid share with the Innate Rebellion CD.

Malaria were a band from Germany. They had a great sound and I like it a lot. I also like other bands like the legendary D.A.F., Einsturzende Neubauten, etc. These bands are not necessarily punk, but they would not have existed without punk opening up music to allow people to experiment and express themselves freely. What do you think? I have tracks from John Peel and a split 1" with Die Hausfrauen.

Skinned Teen

Tyring to rush out a few posts so no track lists. You can request or I'll add later. I have their split LP with Raooul, which is great. Here are some nifty songs which I think are from John Peel sessions.

Hagar the Womb

Cardboard Theatre by Hagar The Womb. Again the are sites that give good info on this band. Similar the Rubella Ballet. Close links to Crass and Poison Girls. Tracks are:
Dressed To Kill
What's Your Flag?
Cardboard Theatre
True Love and Faith
Song of Deep Hate
By Force
One Bright Spark.

My favourite is Song of Deep Hate, probably just for the title. Cardboard Theatre the song drags on a bit and gets on my nerves. It reminds me of how bad I sing! Maybe one day I'll torture you with my old band Oral Abortions. HTW

Rubella Ballet

I've been out of action with a seized up back. I can only sit at the computer for a short while. I'll try a couple of posts. Here is Rubella Ballet. You can find out their history at various sites. Although the music sounds softer and bouncier than others, it just shows the variety of punk. I saw them play with Flux of Pink Indians one time, or was it Hagar the Womb, maybe both. I'll post the Hagar 12" next. The tracks are Ballet Music, Something to Give, Unemployed, Krak Trak and 42F. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

V/A Innate Rebellion CD
The previous entry got me thinking about Resist and Exist. I went out to California a few years back and while I was there I went to Gilman Street and videoed a few bands including Resist and Exist. Fantastic political punk. Go and buy records by all the bands on this comp. Go on check them out right now. Listen to what they have to say and turn those beliefs into lifestyle. Resistant Culture also played at the same gig. Nice people of Native American heritage. They mix their traditional music with punk. Unique and memorable. I spoke with members of different bands and they were great people, made up of both males and females, no machismo here. They save the aggression for the music and activism. The CD has contact info and lyrics in a fold oput poster. It is on Spiral Records, but is a joint venture with Catchphraze Records.

Youth Of Nausea

YON are local lads from Sarasota Florida. This is their demo CD from 2001. (Boy that sounds so long ago, but only seems like yesterday). They played raging fast hardcore worshipping late 80's American bands like Youth of Today. Unfortunately the last time I saw them the sound had gone more metal/crust. Now I like punk crust a lot, but I don't want Subhumans sounding like Amebix and I don't want Resist and Exist sounding like Joy Division. Know what I mean? If you like this let me know as I also have live recordings by them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Master Tape Vol 1

Last post for now is another US comp The Master Tape LP. There is also a Volume 2. It mainly comprises of better known rather than obscure bands. password RPM


The first KBD comps were super spiffy and I may post them another time. They degenerated but recovered again with numero 14. Disclaimer "no rats were hurt in the making of this post". Password RPM link to Mega upload


Here's a must have for your collection. All American bands with some you know and some you don't. Track list is:
Vox Pop- You're My Favorite
Descendents - Global Probing (pre poppy crap)
Cheifs - The Lonelys ( yes the spelling is correct)
Minutemen - Clocks (short, sweet and fierce)
Black Flag - Clocks (Henry this is what you should still sound like)
Stains - Sick and Crazy ( don't let your Mum see those stains)
Peer Group - I Saw That Movie (if you have to be tried by a jury of your peers does that mean a pervert needs to have a bunch of sickos in his jury)
Ken - Purposeless Attitudes
Slivers - Sport
Saccharine Trust - A Christmas Cry (acid punks)
Artless Entanglements -Dildos, Bondage and Toys (kinky)
Nig Heist - The Nig Heist (Black Flag roadies)
Link may have password "RPM"

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Husker Du

I'm not sticking to this alphabet thing too well as lots of my bootlegs are still on cassette and aren't on CD yet. For your listening pleasure today I present Husker Du live at The Electric Ballroom, London 29 September 1985. My young bride to be Vicky also went along to this gig. We enjoyed long sets by the supporting band The Scientists from Australia and Husker Du. I downloaded another gig from the same period the other day with them at Camden Palace. It has a similar track list and great sound. Maybe too good as it's probably recorded through the soundboard. Mine of course is au naturelle recorded on the portable cassette recorder and the sound is just like being there.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bloodstains Across Texas

Hopefully the California link is finally OK. I think Bad Brains put some voodoo on it so the link kept coming back to their file. Some excellent bands on this compilation, including the pre MDC band Stains. MDC are still going strong. I saw them a year or so back and I have a video of the gig. Don't ask me to upload it unless you are able to walk me through it step by step.
If it needs a password it's "RPM"