Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm going to Georgia for the a short break. Later rebels!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suburban Voice

Suburban Voice has been turning out super magazines for years. It is one of the few that I enjoy reading cover to cover. This cd came with #41 the 15th year anniversary. A very fine compilation covering bands from the early 80's until the late 90's. All the bands are pretty well known and have vinyl that you should still be able to get hold of fairly easily.


Jack is from Hungary and some of their songs have a definite eastern feel. Well worth a listen to and also to check out their excellent lyrics. One track is a cover from Aurora. Never heard of them but will have to investigate further.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

I've been a fan since I heard their amazing 1982 EP that had 22 songs in 18 minutes. I think they were the first band I heard that played "thrash" and they were the first band that introduced me to the term "Crossover". They played in Tampa a few years back and I made the short trek up there to see them. I asked Kurt if I could video the band and he said fine as long as I gave them the tape at the end of the gig. I did and he mailed it back to me with some stickers. The recording here is almost 1 1/5 hours long. They sure didn't just come into town to play a quick set and then piss off. I don't think the gig ended until 2 in the morning. I had to be at work at 5 so ended up getting no rest at all. The supporting bands were some local bands plus Kill Allen Wrench, who are entertaining although sexist. The Mentors who rocked out some spiritual songs. They are certainly everything"ist". Sworn Enemy that play NY inner city in your face hardcore. The MP3 is only in mono as i just transferred it from the video tape.
DRI have a good looking website:


The next post will be from a DRI gig . Here is a little sampler of the supporting bands Kill Allen Wrench, The Mentors and Sworn Enemy. KAW and Mentors are definitely not PC unless that stands for "pretty creepy".

circle JERKS

Here's a concert I recorded of the circle JERKS at Jannus Landing St. Pete, FL. Oh! No link that's because Keith Morris refused to stand up for me and tell the bouncers to back off. He was spouting all this stuff about freedom and self expression, anti-authority etc. My wife said "this guy is saying some pretty good things" then he showed what a hypocrite he is by letting the bouncers smash up my tape and throw me out.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Shame on you that do not post or read comments. Here's some of what Rebel84 posted with some information on Chilean punk and links to fine music. I was at the Crass Witham gig at the Labour Hall in 1981 and am eternally greatful to Rebel84 for the link and to those he got the gigs from. Check out the Conflict comments to find links to other Crass gigs.

Hi Pogel!, here's the Witham gig: to Babbler from Skafunkrasta punk forum)

Unfortunately, Chile doesn't have a great punk history. The first punk bands start to play around 1987...this situation was mostly because the fascist dictatorship between 1973-1989.Anyway, the few bands that recorded in the late 80's are here in 2 compilations, and a best of comp. by the most important chilean punk band in my opinion, who start to play in 1987:VA - Compilado punk chileno 1987-1991 (Bootleg, very low quality recordings...sorry)- - Clasicos Del Punk Chileno ("chilean punk classics", relesead in CD in 2003, all original recordings from 1989) - Ad-Hok - Best Of comp. -!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Skin and Bone

Moving on over to the post punk side of things. Here is a bunch of reprobates compiled by John Langford of The Membranes. This is Skin and Bone 1. Were there any more? I managed to see The Membranes once in Woolwich with Crime and the City Solution and I think Conflict were also there, but maybe the old memory is wrong, seems like a strange combination. Also saw The Very Things with Eton Crop. Excellent all. As a special treat I've even divided up the tracks. Year is unknown to me but it is probably mid '80s. Gotta get this done soon as there is a big thunderstorm coming.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I think this tape came with a single or 12". Three tracks from an overlooked band and overlooked label Rot Records.

Xnay On The Profits

This tape was done by Mikhail of Ponk 111. (Kakistocracy?). He has a blog but I don't know if the distro is still active. His old website was one of the first with full MP3s. I remember downloading music from him when I did not have high speed and each track would take an eternitiy. I also did not have a CD burner so I would put a tape recorder next to the speaker and record like that. Crappy quality but I got into some bands I might not have otherwise at that time. Ixnay On the Profits is a fantAstic comp, as good as any, with a mix of American and English bands. Check out the names: Resist and Exist, Riot/Clone, Citizen Fish, Varukers! I guess it was done in the late 90s.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Discography tape from this early '80s Scottish anracho band. Tape includes "In Nomine Patri" ep and "If they Treat you like Shit - Act Like Manure" LP which were both on Crass records. Also two demos "in Nomini Patri" and "How Dare You".

No Fucker

Demo tape New York Dis-core from No Fucker.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Punk Rock Without Borders

Something more up to date now. I think these bands are mainly from Belarus. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone have any more info on the bands . I have more tapes from ex-USSR punk bands and other eastern Europe.

Rudimentary Peni

What can I say about this band. My second favourite behind Crass. These guys like many others were quiet, polite, well educated lads, but once on stage were psycho. Recorded at The Anarchist Center in 6/82. Still producing today on their own irregular schedule. Go to your library today and get out a book by HP Lovecraft. Book reports due to me by Friday!
You should know all these tracks, but in case you don't they are
Cosmetic Plague
Blind Dogs
Dead Living
Zero Again
Media Person
Only Human
Teenage Time Killer
The Gardener
Him Hymn
Tower of Strength




Nuclear Power

Pound Of Flesh

Them & Us

Judgement On Today

Sugar and Spice

Barry Barrilow

Nearly Not Quite

Ain't we so


Fly The Flag

Peter Fonda on his Honda

Agatha Christie

Slice it Up

Lord of the Zips

There are several bands called "Fallout". Ones from Italy, Australia, Ireland and one of my favourite bands the one from England. I almost threw away their first EP as it had the song "Laughable Attack" with its anti-anarchy lyrics. At the time I was heavily into the anarchist philosophy. Fallout were socialists who were more realistic, although now I think their view of worker solidarity is also naive, but they are right I still want to "drop out on {my} commune, and sit back on {my} arse. Because {i} don't really care about the Working Class}. The topics they covered were anti-nuclear, anti-meat, anti-government, with I think their best song being "Peter Sutcliffe". This is very similar to Crass' "Mother" or "Shaved Women". Fallout were previously known as Six Minute War, who had two great eps and changed in 1980 to Fallout which had two 7" and two 12". All were self produced DIY low price gems. This live recording is from November 22 1982 in Fulham, London. The same gig as Xrcetas and Anthrax.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Conflict are still going today. In fact I saw them a year back in Tampa and have a video I did of them. Conflict played an impressive long gig. It was unfortuante that they were supported by Total Chaos (US) who were heckled big time. I don't think some people even bother to read the Conflict or Crass lyrics. They put the patches on their leather jackets and fly around the dance floor with steel top capped boots flying. Conflict are direct action punks. They get stuck in with animal liberation, anti government protests etc. Fight the government not eachother. I think one of the band just got out of prison after a fairly lenghty stint. Here is their website: This recording is another from the Anarchist Centre 6.82. I saw Conflict many times and always had a great time. I still have some Conflict t-shirts which I have given to one of my daughters, as she likes the animal welfare sentiments. While most of us were victims of fights against punks Colin had a bottle smashed in his eye. Track number 5 is about this; "Blind Attack". At the beginning of the gig you can hear Colin singing about Gary Bushell being a wanker. I used to think this but have since read stuff he has wrote and my opinion has changed. Always have an open mind.


Live at the Anarchist Centre London 6.82. Again, a whole bunch of clasic anarcho bands for one pound. Each band played for 20 minutes. Tracks:
Gates of Hell
Raised in a Prison
Another Day Another Death
No Doves Fly Here
Witch Hunt
Never Understood.

I have had lots of great advice which has helped me put up the posts. I have decided to keep the links the same. When I go to other blogs I like to see the link as I don't subscribe to all the file sharers and some only allow on download at a time so I have to pick which I do.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lost Cherees

Lost Cherees have reformed and have new material. Here is the gig at The Hermit Club where they went on before Antisect. Unfortunately, the mic wan't working so the vocals are low. The instruments are very clear though!


This one I recorded at The Hermit Club in Brentwood on 10th February 1983. I had just met Vicky and this was one of our first dates. She had been to the dentist that day and was still numb from several fillings. I doubt the racket eased her recovery. Still she's still here 24 years later. The tape is on its last legs so it's about time I put it on CD. The last five minutes the tape seized 2 times. Antisect played a super set. Vi Subversa from Poison Girls was there in the crowd. She is very pleasant and I think was mother to some of them in the band.


Something for the metal heads. Not sure where I got this. Maybe it was with a Virus LP. Although all the tracks are raging thrashers Virus is the only band I have vinyl by. The bands are a mix from the UK and Germany (GDR before the fall of the wall). There is no date on the tape which is on the label Metalworks. As a special treat to you I separated the tracks. Can you read the tracks on the scan? Here they are:
Deathwish - Sword Of Justice UK
Angel Dust - Legions of Destruction GDR
Deliverance - Desire UK
Necronomicon - Possessed by Evil GDR
Virus - Malignant Massacre UK
Exumer - Possessed by Fire GDR
Deathwish - Demonic Attack UK
Deliverance - Your Death UK
Angels of Malice - Fast Forward to Hell UK
Virus - T.N.T. UK