Friday, July 13, 2007

Rudimentary Peni

What can I say about this band. My second favourite behind Crass. These guys like many others were quiet, polite, well educated lads, but once on stage were psycho. Recorded at The Anarchist Center in 6/82. Still producing today on their own irregular schedule. Go to your library today and get out a book by HP Lovecraft. Book reports due to me by Friday!
You should know all these tracks, but in case you don't they are
Cosmetic Plague
Blind Dogs
Dead Living
Zero Again
Media Person
Only Human
Teenage Time Killer
The Gardener
Him Hymn
Tower of Strength


mrmagoomc4 said...

alright mate its keith from running riot im in plymouth at the mo n heres some stuff you may be interested in on anthrax
anthrax=@centre 81
anthrax=streets 26.5,83
anthrax=piedbull 3,9,82
anthrax=harrow 11.7.83
anthrax=brighton 8.10.83
been going through my bootlegs n got loads of stuff i forgot i had in my collection i knew i had more stuff on anthrax will post some of them next month mate ok

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