Monday, July 9, 2007


Live at the Anarchist Centre London 6.82. Again, a whole bunch of clasic anarcho bands for one pound. Each band played for 20 minutes. Tracks:
Gates of Hell
Raised in a Prison
Another Day Another Death
No Doves Fly Here
Witch Hunt
Never Understood.

I have had lots of great advice which has helped me put up the posts. I have decided to keep the links the same. When I go to other blogs I like to see the link as I don't subscribe to all the file sharers and some only allow on download at a time so I have to pick which I do.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice wun Pogel, wot a band, trying to remember if I went to this gig or not, saw 'em a couple of times at Centro Iberico. Know what you mean about various file hosts, have to access rapidshare through different browser, enjoy my trips here, takes me back to 'the old days', a lot of my old anarcho stuff got thrown out by my mum when I moved out, bloody parents. What I have left I'm posting on a myspace page, links on the blog. Anyway, gotta go, got some live Mob to listen to. Cheers. KEEP ON BLOGGING IN THE FREE WORLD.

Pogel said...

Prompting me to run away my mum threw out all my anarchist magazines and sent the police after me when I went on animal lib raids. She never touched my records though.

mrmagoomc4 said...