Friday, July 13, 2007




Nuclear Power

Pound Of Flesh

Them & Us

Judgement On Today

Sugar and Spice

Barry Barrilow

Nearly Not Quite

Ain't we so


Fly The Flag

Peter Fonda on his Honda

Agatha Christie

Slice it Up

Lord of the Zips

There are several bands called "Fallout". Ones from Italy, Australia, Ireland and one of my favourite bands the one from England. I almost threw away their first EP as it had the song "Laughable Attack" with its anti-anarchy lyrics. At the time I was heavily into the anarchist philosophy. Fallout were socialists who were more realistic, although now I think their view of worker solidarity is also naive, but they are right I still want to "drop out on {my} commune, and sit back on {my} arse. Because {i} don't really care about the Working Class}. The topics they covered were anti-nuclear, anti-meat, anti-government, with I think their best song being "Peter Sutcliffe". This is very similar to Crass' "Mother" or "Shaved Women". Fallout were previously known as Six Minute War, who had two great eps and changed in 1980 to Fallout which had two 7" and two 12". All were self produced DIY low price gems. This live recording is from November 22 1982 in Fulham, London. The same gig as Xrcetas and Anthrax.


bbEZ said...

good share, i've got the "laughable attack ep", "salami tactics ep" and the "home killed meat lp". top band

sexy said...



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Listen and Understand said...

Can you re-upload this, please?

Anonymous said...

here’s the Home Killed meat album, ripped from my own vinyl, in FLAC:

here’s the Salami Tactics ep, ripped from my own vinyl in FLAC: