Friday, September 28, 2007

Uproar- Die For Me EP

Last one for a few days. I'm off camping with the kids. We have to cope with the heat, bugs and thunderstorms. We should have a good laugh. uproar were from County Durham right up there in the north of ol' Blighty. This was on "Beat the System" records in 1983. I have another single by them and an LP.

The Destructors-Senseless Violence EP

If you think 80's UK punk is shite and I have seen comments to this effect then don't bother listening to this because I wouldn't want ot shatter your disallusions. Coming from my favourite year in punk "1982" on Carnage Records this Cambridgeshire band give a perfect example of honest DIY anarcho punk from that era. I'm going to give Divshare another go. They don't seem to be that qucik uploading and I have only had success with smaller files. PW: RPM

Poison Girls-Statement

This is a flexi disc. I saw the band live with Crass at Witham Labour Hall. I have the Crass set amongst many other Crass recordings, but only one or two Poison Girls live. I met Vi Subversa at an Antisect gig. She was a mother figure to many in the scene. The band had superb lyrics. Check out songs like that tell us about how women are prescribed drugs to help them float through life. They had lots of songs that enlighten one to the shit have to deal with.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Johnny Motel and the Fast Fucks

More blazing garage rock-n-roll this time from Michigan coutesy of 100 on clear vinyl 400 on black. You won't catch these boys playing in a coliseum. Short, sweet and DIY.


Camera battery was dead so you had to wait for photos. The record cover says "Now for the Hard of Hearing from Estrus Crust" Oblivians play bluesy distorted jungle rock. 1994 release on red vinyl. Songs like "Motorcycle Leather Boy" tell it all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disorder - Gi Faen i Nasjonalitenten Din

Probably the best Disorder record ever made, but why has noone else ever posted this? Live in Oslo, Norway 25.4.85. aaaaaaaaaaargh aaaaa gggghhhh aaaaa gggghhhh.

La Muerte - Peep Show

I have four 12" by this Belgium band. I'm sure they did even more records. For me they were like the Belgium Birthday Party mixed with God Bullies. This record is great quality live sound from 1986 on Soundwork Records. I think my other ones were on Soundwork and the first on Play It Again Sam Records. If there is interest in the other records let me know and thanks to all those who have left comments lately.


Remember Distortion from "A Country Fit For Heroes"? Well this record isn't quite as venomous as that period, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Released in 1998 on Oi! The Boys and limited to 444! Lyrics are from a personal reflection of singer/guitarist Nigel's life in punkdom rather than anti this or that. Distortion are from the north of England.


John Liedown has provided a link to a website that has become my favourite of the week. I especially like the Cabaret Voltaire LPs. Some of the music is a little mainstream for me and I haven't downloaded all the Megaupload ones yet as my membership has run out and I haven't paid for them again yet. This means uploading is limited. At the mo I have paid for Rapidshare. I do a month or two with one and then a month or two with another. Anyway here's the link

Also some other good sites are the excellent Swedish bloggasfuck


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toronto City Omnibus

Compilation from Canada. Most tracks are from around the turn of the century. A mix of punk styles from street, to thrash and some bluesy as well. I like the Riot 99 the best. Comes with booklet with band info. Go to and order some records.

Happy Flowers

The musical group, Happy Flowers, was formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, in 1983 by two former members of the Landlords, John Beers ("Mr. Horribly Charred Infant") and Charlie Kramer ("Mr. Anus"). This duo combines improvisational noise punk guitar and drums with lyrics often written in the first person from the perspective of a child, with childlike intonation and grammar. Their humorous songs are mainly about freak childhood accidents and common childhood gripes.
Happy Flowers' first song, Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid, was released during the summer of 1984 as a part of the compilation album called Brain of Stone. The band's audience grew in 1987 with the release of the album, I Crush Bozo. In March of 2000, the band went on a four-date tour, the band's first tour in nearly ten years. In March of 2006, the band reunited again and played at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX. This is there 1989 LP "oof" on Homestead Records.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Ok just so you punkies who don't get your knickers in a twist here's some good old anarcho punk from 1985. If you like bands like Riot/Clone you'll love Carnage. No info on where the band was from. Band members: Andy Halitosis, Leechie Smith, Rusky and Sid Vayne where are you now?

There are four tracks, but no info at all on the second gem. The record cover is two stapled together to make a pocket ot hold the vinyl.

Tubeway Army

Gary Numan had some good stuff, but the early Tubeway Army is the best material he put out. The first LP has a lot more guitar, with more conventional rock. He didn't take long to develop his unique use of synths. A few years back I got hold of two 12" of unreleased material from Beggars Banquet. Here is Volume 2 & 3. I don't have Volume 1. 2 is on a tasty red vinyl and 3 on blue. These tracks are outtakes from sessions for the records and some don't match up in quality, but still worth a listen.

Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs

These guys were fucking insane. I saw them in Brentwood or Romford where my friends in Nitzer Ebb where playing. I then went up to The Hope and Anchor the next week to see Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs again. I videoed them and later sent them a copy of the tape to an address in North London. I don't know if they got it as I had no further correspondence with them. At the Hope and Anchor it was pretty intense. On Helicopter Man Arab took to beating his bass guitar with a beer bottle. I think the song went on for ever. It was like an aural trip. This is a 12". They also did another 12" "No Way Before The Weekend" and a 7" "Goldfish".

Disorder-Pain Headache Depression

Taf and his Norwegian friends. Made in 1984 while Taf was living in Norway. Inner lyric sheet also has what looks like Polish translation. Genius lyrics to "Scream":

I don't know the words

I don't know what to sing

But What's the point in words

It don't change anything

So I carry on screaming.

Dead Wretched-No Hope For Anyone

John Liedown posted their other ep. This is the first on Inferno Records, the Birmingham label otherwise known for The varukers and Drongos For Europe. This is Hell2.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Discharge-The Price Of Silence

I'm posting two Discharge singles which I haven't seen posted anywhere else. You can hear the change in the band taking place.

Discharge-The More I See

From the later stage of Discharge with the squeeky vocals. Again I like the B-Side better. It sounds like the early Discharge. Both still on CLay Records. This one is 34 the other 29.

Exit Stance

My wife and I saw Exit Stance play at the Crypt in London. They are one of her favourite punk bands. She really likes their 12". So do the kids because of its anti-vivesection songs. This is their 7" on Fight Records. What I need is their later 7" and any live recordings. Please!

P.S. Thanks to John Liedown; see comments for link to the Exit Stance discography.

Napalm Death

I managed to see Napalm Death a couple of times and they blew me away. The drummer was so incredibly fast. Does anyone have a bootleg of them playing inIpswich with Exteme Noise Terror? Does anyone have any bootlegs from the Carribbean Centre in Ipswich? This ep is MOsh 53 on Earache Records. It came out in 1992 free with an LP. It just has a plain black sleeve.



How many bands are there called "Impact"? Here's one from France with a release on Vulture Records. The lable in case you don't know are out of New Mexico and release skinhead music. This band don't offer anything too surprising. Plod plod oi oi, but with that added spice of the French tongue.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inner Terrestrials

A band I was turned on to by The Vals. Check out their website which has free MP3s

My band of the week. I keep playing their songs over and over. Good job it's digital or I'd probably wear out vinyl. I especially like the song Noah's Farce. have a piece about the band and some Mp3s

Swedish Undertaker 6

Hmm, there's 46 tracks, but my tracklist shows 47 earbleeders. Where did I go wrong?

1-5 Atomvinter

6-8 Arcatera

9-11 Ana Barata

12-16 Abnorm

17 Anti Cimex

18-20 Auktion

21-25 Civil Olydnad

26-29 Moderat Javer

30-35 GBB Punx

36-40 From The Ashes

41-42 Aktiv Dodschalp

43-45 Ambulance

46-47 Anatomi 71

Swede 5

These CDs contain some new bands and some oldies. Thanks to Slobodan Burger for comments on Swede 1. Also has some more stuff for ya.

The tracks here are by:

1-5 Disprocess

6-9 Dislickers

10-13 Discover

14-16 Disconvenience

17 Bomb

18-21 BSB

22-26 Bisex B

27-30 Badass

31 Auktion

32-36 Assassination

37-41 AF Grund

42 Arcatera

43 Dodsdom

Donna and the Kebabs

Honey Bane with Crass. I love this ep so much I have two. Released in 1979. Originally only 65p. I didn't buy it new as I had the tracks from John Peel's show, but I bought one used copy from Rough Trade for 4 pounds back around 1990 and another more recently off ebay for $7. Donna was living somewhere in Florida for a while, but I guess may be back in Ol' Blighty now. See for history. Download at Don't bother with the later stuff she did with Jimmy Pursey. It's realy crap.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Casualties

My battery was running out. I thought The Casualties got the short end of the stick with an incomplete set recorded, but it looks like it's all there . It's pretty rough sounding.

The setlist was:

No Way Out



City Life

Punx and Skins

Ugly Bastards

Who's in control?

Stay out of order

Who's gonna be?

Sellout Society

Ploice Brutality

No Room

For the Punx



American Justice


Punk rock love

Punx Unite



Dead Cities.

Endless Struggle

Salt Lake City Hardcore . I spoke with some of the band and they seem like decent blokes. I think these are the tracks:

In the Day

Red Alert


No Luck


Endless Struggle


12 Hours



Stay Away


Endless Struggle.

BTW uploading sucks. It takes forever.

The Virus

This is I what have of The Virus songs at the St Pete gig. I'm not an expert on the band. I don't know most of the tracks.

Swede 4

1 Obligar

2-5 M-40

6-9 Kaftsmall

10-13 Krigshot

14-17 Human Waste

18-20 HFD

21-24 Guantanamo Bay

25-28 FY Fan

29-31 End Of All

32-36 Dodeshade

37-41 Dodsdom

42-43 Avskum

Amputees - "The Final Stand"

I have some recordings from a concert in St Pete, FL. that had the Casualties, The Virus, Endless Struggle and The Amputees. I liked the first band Amputees best, being the most basic, raw, DIY etc. They played some good political street punk, with influences of 80's UK . Highlight is the cover of Tube Disaster. I had to go back outside and leave the video running while I got a locksmith to get my keys I locked in the car, when I heard this song pumping out across the airwaves. Great bass. The track titles come from their set list:

Hanford City Blues

New World Order

Cease Fire

What are you going to do?

The Drafter

Third World Forgotten


Pit SOng


Stop the Testing

SPD's Tribute


The band did release a CD, but I've never seen it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Swedish Undertaker 3

1-4 Kvoteringen
5-8 Krimtank
9-10 Karensdag
11-16 Infanticide
17-20 Illdad
21-24 Hotbild
25-28 Henry Fiat's Open Sore
29-33 Motorbreath
34-38 Morder
39-42 Minister Dod
43-46 Mass Grav
47 M40

Swedish Undertaker 2

1-5 Slakattack
6-9 Skitkids
10-11 Skallbrand
12-15 Sista Sekunda
16-20 Sabateur
21-25 Retaliation
26 Reign Of Bombs
27-29 Regulations
30-33 Radioskugga
34-37 The Pricks
38-40 PP7
41-46 Project Hopeless
47-50 Planet Trash
51 Mystery Guest

Swedish Undertaker 1

I feel like some Swede. I put together 7 or 8 compilations of Swedish bands for your enjoyment. The odd non-Swedish band may have snuck in the back door, but should not spoil things. Numero Uno contains:

1. Von Boom
2-6 War Collapse
7-8 Undergang
9-11 Tortyr
12-13 To What End?
14-16 T.A.S.K.
17-20 Systematisk Terror
21-24 Svartenbrandt
25-28 Striker
29-31 Stajnas Lobos
32 Spranga Snuthuen
33-37 Sprango
38-41 Speedergarben
42-45 Sleepless Nights

This is one full 80 min CD so it's a no brainer. Click, download, burn, let your ears bleed.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Surf punk with a trekkie theme. This may now be available on CD, but here's Side A of the vinyl LP. Got this for 25c, but wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China. The sleeve is priceless.

Never Mind the Bloodstains Here's Young Raw Sounds

Young Raw Sounds Rare Punk Vol 1. Well this has a a few bands you've heard of and a a few you haven't. A few that rock'n'roll and a few that suck ass. Too Much remind me of an early The Jam. The label notes say Cane's B-side should've been the A-side. Well why not give us that side instead? Uggh I'm listening and recording that track now. Most of the tracks seem to come from 1978 and were originally on Lightning Records. There must be quite a few of the original records out there somewhere. eg it says Jet Bronx first 15,000 copies were on coloured vinyl. Reissued on Zeus who were out of my home county Essex. I've seen a Volume 2, but do not have it myself.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Magoo at Running Riot also has so many fierce demos and bootlegs to download you'll be busy for days. However a word of caution about the band Stress. This is the band from South London, there are also bands called Stress from Japan, Belgium and Ireland. The London band were either scared of the skinheads at Skunx, which was unnecessary as they never gave me any shit and actually took care of me each time I went there and bought me cider, or they were trying to impress them by showing that they were racist. Anyway don't forget many of these bands contained punks who were jerks and not all were quiet, intelligent guys like The Mob, Rudimentary Peni etc.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ugly American Overkill Tour EP

Got this on the tour, when they played at some old decrepit theatre in London. The other band that played were Halo Of Flies. I bootlegged it, but pressed the wrong button and ended up only getting God Bullies. This cover says its 149/2000. The vinyl is swirly coloured. Same colours as the record cover. During this period (early 90s) punk pickings were pretty slim. I bought a whole bunch of this Amphetamine Reptiles bluesy grunge stuff.


Total Noise #1

Although this is entitled "Total Noise" it is much tamer than what we are used to today, in fact the Dead Generation track is pretty lame. The Business rocked as they always have.

UPS The Record

DIY record label from Holland. Includes bands from Holland, Italy, Germany and Spain. Missing are the best UPS band "Vals". Hunt them down, which may not be easy as I don't think either UPS or VALS are going anymore. This comes from around 1999.

P.S. Vals have given me the link to a website. They play great stuff that sounds like it was made 25 years ago.

Voices Voices Voices AucHaracOre

These days if I buy French vinyl I look for the Panx label. Looks like the Toulouse area has a pretty good scene. This is a double 7" comp with Disbeer (discore), Summer Day In June (pretty strange name, but epileptic raging fun), sickness (this guy's throat must be bleeding), and Viral Youth (mai oui!). Made last century in 1999.

Wessex '82

Infamous comp from Bluurg records. Cost 90p new in 82. Besides the muisc I love this one for the family tree provided to show the interrelationship of the band members and the band evolution. Also, the tape list of tapes I should have bought. Woulda, shoulda, maybe not coulda due to lack of funds back then.

War Compilation

Howz about this then? 500 pressed comp from Over The Top Records, out of CT, USA. No info on the bands on the copy I have, but they are an international mix. Rattus from Finland, Capitol Scum were from Belgium I think. I got this off ebay as I wanted in particular anything by Damage from NY who were pre-Prong, but this Damage is the Finnish band. What year was this comp made? Guessing by the heavier, slower music style it must be the late '80s.


This is a compliation of Dusseldorf , Germany bands. It spans 1979 to 1990, with only 4 bands that's pretty slim pickings. Nothing too spectacular here, but what is nice is that the 1990 bands play the same style as the '79 bands. Sceptical Confidence are the odd one out playing faster, meaner punk.
This was on Teenage Rebel Records limited to 1000. I picked it up for 50c again! It has a nice 18 page booklet which is more like a zine with band info, reviews etc. Interestingly look at the front cover. The terrorist guy's t-shirt says "I was a punk before you!" Never really caught that before.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Breakers

A cover album by Japanese bands. MCR records. If you don't know about this record label check them out as they always release great bands, maily from Japanese bands. This is MCR-052CD. It's not listed on their site so I guess it's no longer available. I got is for $.050, you get it for free!

Garlic Boys
-Purple Haze-War Pigs-Purple Haze

Fuck Geez
-Jap title

Cockney Cocks
-No Woman No Cry
- Motor Way

-antisect cover

Ku Ku

Final Bomb
-Anger Burning
-The Price of Silence

Beetle Juice
-Let it Be

Nukey Pikes
-Day Tripper
-Purple Haze