Thursday, September 13, 2007

Donna and the Kebabs

Honey Bane with Crass. I love this ep so much I have two. Released in 1979. Originally only 65p. I didn't buy it new as I had the tracks from John Peel's show, but I bought one used copy from Rough Trade for 4 pounds back around 1990 and another more recently off ebay for $7. Donna was living somewhere in Florida for a while, but I guess may be back in Ol' Blighty now. See for history. Download at Don't bother with the later stuff she did with Jimmy Pursey. It's realy crap.

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro, nice post! Do you have any idea about the pressing info for this? How much it fetches nowadays etc?
Get back to me if you know man! Thanks again!