Tuesday, September 4, 2007

UPS The Record

DIY record label from Holland. Includes bands from Holland, Italy, Germany and Spain. Missing are the best UPS band "Vals". Hunt them down, which may not be easy as I don't think either UPS or VALS are going anymore. This comes from around 1999.

P.S. Vals have given me the link to a website. They play great stuff that sounds like it was made 25 years ago. http://valspunk.blogspot.com


vals said...

Actually, we're still hella going! ;-) We just toured the US West Coast, check http://valspunk.blogspot.com

Pogel said...

Come on over to the East coast. We'll make you welcome.

vals said...

We have a new US tour planned for this summer. Travelling from the east-coast to the west-coast. Drop us a line if you can help//come to our gig.

tourdates on www.myspace.com/valspunk

what city/state are you from?