Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Magoo at Running Riot also has so many fierce demos and bootlegs to download you'll be busy for days. However a word of caution about the band Stress. This is the band from South London, there are also bands called Stress from Japan, Belgium and Ireland. The London band were either scared of the skinheads at Skunx, which was unnecessary as they never gave me any shit and actually took care of me each time I went there and bought me cider, or they were trying to impress them by showing that they were racist. Anyway don't forget many of these bands contained punks who were jerks and not all were quiet, intelligent guys like The Mob, Rudimentary Peni etc.


mrmagoomc4 said...

ian it just goes to show not every skinhead is wot you think !!!!!!!!!,nor is every punk didnt dave fergusson play in stress hes the guy that provided alot of lve recordings for link records years ago i met him while o a trip to london years ago

pitbullbootboy said...

What is the URL to Running Riot?