Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was looking through some old photos and found this one of my dad teasing me. We were on holiday in Malta around 1979 and I was listening to punk on my cassette player. I only had two or three tapes then and took them with me. I played them so much they split and I had to splice them back together.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

F - "Four From '84" 7" Out Now!

Blogs I like.

Go here for an excellent Polish site wich has topnotch music and videos.

Other good blogs I have just found are: which focusses mainly on Hanover, Germany bands. which has a whole bunch of Active Minds records. has a nice mix of new and old.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Crassmas

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Let it be known I never thought of Siouxsie as gothic. She and Severin were around from the beginning of the start of punk, being part of the first Sex Pistols fans the Finchley Mob. Later on I would purchase their earlier records, but this was the first one I bought. I remember seeing it on TOTPs as well. No DIY stuff here. Like many other first wave punk bands they were signed up to a major label (Polydor). I have recorded up to the Ju Ju LP for my daughter Helen and she likes them a lot.


B.G.K. are one of the best known punk bands from Holland. Probably my favourite too. I have their double LP discography from Alternative Tentacles. It's still available so go buy it now. This is their "White Male Dumbinance" ep. That has to be up there with one of the best record titles ever. Also check out the insert adn great lyrics. I doubt many straight edge jocks read them. It was on a label called Vogelspin and is from 1984. Oh also the name stands for Balthazar Gerrard's Kommando. If I remember correctly I think he was some right wing christian psycho so their name is a pisstake.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Payoll Benefit Comp This is what its all should be about. Non-profit rasing money to help those less fortunate. 500 eps to benefit for the Payoll squat in Brasil. Let's hope they got some funds to survive for a while.

Bands are:

Faulter from Staten Island, NY

Diavolo Rosso from Bellheim, Germany

Spinebender from Nurtingen, Germany

Wut Entbrannt from Regensburg, Germany

Difekto from Brazil

Revolte also from Regensburg

and Seuchenherd from Gunzburg, Germany.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Total Corrupt

Another 5 year old tape here. This time from an Indonesian band Total Corrupt. 14 songs that are professionally recorded and packaged. The only draw back being that an old man like me has trouble reading the tiny print. The lyrics are about disorder and social rebellion. The translations are done in that superb way like some of the Japanese. eg "Laws is not running now, People unbelieve about all of shit". Also great band member names of Dipo Corrupt, Ade Totalizer, Gasix Horrible and BJ Scum. I may have to investigate this band further. Yes I'll start with sending them an email.


Forever Positively Obsessed are a straight edge band from Macedonia. This tape is five years old and I will find out what they sound like now in a couple of weeks as they are touring. They are playing at Sound Idea on the 22nd. The songs on this tape are short and fast and recorded in their bedroom. DIY or die. I'm not too keen on US straight edge these days as lots of the bands I have seen end up being jocks from the NE of the USA who know nothing about punk. FPO look like they are in that different mould like other excellent European SxE bands. Vitamin X for example were one of my favorite bands I have seen live. So check out the music here and also come along to Sound Idea if you can. Speaking of Sound Idea don't forget to check out Bob's mucho excellente weekly radio show.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Blog

Great new blog with lots of reare Jap flexis

Electro Hippies Live I think this was their last gig. April 15th 1989 at Planet X Liverpool. I fucked up recording it with some Metal Devil Coke tracks on the end.

Electro Hippies

This is "The Only Good Punk ... Is a Dead One". I'm not going to separate the tracks but they are:


Acid rain

Run Ronald





So Wicked


Freddy's Revenge


Things of Beauty


Gas Joe Pearce






Not only did the band have one of the best names ever, they played some of the finest damn music I have ever had the pleasure to hear. I've also got the "Play Fast or Die" LP.
They were from the Wigan area in the north of England.

Josef K

Not really my cup of tea this one, but some of you out there may remember the band. I had heard the group of bands posted hear on John Peel, but never bought or recorded anything by them. I traded for a tape of Liliput/Kleenex many years ago and these bands were included on the tape. I almost fell asleep listening to these tracks. Josef K included Paul Haig (Aztec Camera, Orange Juice). Songs are:

Its Kinda Funny

Heart Of Song

16 years

Fun N Frenzy

Crazy To Exist

Sorry For Laughing


One track "Let Go" from Martin Branch (The Fall, Blue Orchids) and Karl Burns (The Fall) .

Hugo Klang

Ollie Olsen and Marie Hoy from Australia with the Wheel Of Fat 7". From the early 80s and had touches of The Birthday Party.

Primitive Calculators

These guys remind me of a later version of Dow Jones and the Industrials.

Two tracks:

I Can't Stop It
Do That Dance

Fire Engines

The band contained Davey Henderson and Russell Burn (Win, Burn, The Nectarine No. 9). "Who?" you punkers shout. Well just remember its not all leather, studs, bristles and acne. If you like bands like Blue Orchids you may like this. I like it with its jerky rhythms and hypnotic beat, or maybe its the jerky beat and hypnotic rhythm. Tracks:

Get Up and Use Me




The excellent Phoenix Hairpins had a post of Vonbrigdi an Icelandic band, which got me thinking about Peyr (pronounced Theyr). The band have been compared with Killing Joke and in fact Jaz Coleman produced one of their LPs. However, it always reminds me of David Bowie. Sorry I can't tell you the record name or give you a photo. It is from one of my many tapes. Back in the day when I had to save my dinner money to buy records I would buy singles and my mate Mark would buy the LPs. We would then record eachothers vinyl. It worked out great as bands released more singles and it would cost us the same. Anyway this was a record I suggested he buy as I had heard a track on John Peel. When he bought it we were both pretty disappointed, but now I enjoy its quirkiness. I guess its just a 12" judging by its length.

Puerto Rican Punk

When I bought this there was confusion over whether the bands were spanish and the names of the bands. I'm pretty sure they are from Puerto Rico and the bands are Juventud Crasa and La Experiencia de Tonito Cabanilla$$$. Although it is a fairly new release they play with an oldschool flavour. It also looks like lots of the LEDTC songs come from back in '93-'96.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Music by Slime and footage of riots in 95.

Feeding of the 5000

Looks like the concert was great. There are several videos on You Tube. I just watched some Crass and Disrupters. I'm going back to check out more. The Janer64 videos are good quality. Anyone go to it that would like to share their experience?

There are also great videos of the Rebellion gig with bands like Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects etc.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Youth Korps

Short sharp songs from a Connecticut band, recorded in Boston and released on a German label. I think Crucial Response Records rereleased several classic yank records.


Pax records was one of those labels that if I saw a record in a shop I would pick it up knowing it would be great stuff. Xtract were a tight outfit and this is Pax 10 from the Yorkshire label. Check back in the older entries for Mau Maus who were also on Pax. Another fantastic band was Anti System. I think I have seen downloads for them elsewhere, so I may not put theirs up here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Site of the week.

Check out the following if you haven't already.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I think this band is called Partia. The Russian alphabet is not one of my strongpoints. Another Belarus band. The music is to be honest a little monotonous, with little variation.


Bakunin was a selfless revolutionary. Here is a band from Belarus called Selfshit. I got this tape in a lot off ebay. It was recorded in 2002. There are only 9 tracks and I seem to have recorded 10! The music is grindy, but with decent vocals and lyrics with good sentiments. No problems with copyright here.

Bakunin On Anarchy

Strange that communism is now a dirty word as the beautiful concept of harmony among people has been perverted by corrupt politicians. Also anarchism seems to have faded away again as a threat. I'll have to read this book again. I know it was heavy reading when I first got it. Michael Bakunin was a Russian nobleman that gave up his title and wealth to participate in the revolutionary movement of the mid 19th century. He differed from Marx in remaining outside the system. This book has different writings by Bakunin on social subjects, different theories and his opinions of other philosophers and revolutionaries. I'll have to dig out my books on the Paris Commune and Peter Kropotkin. I don't have any by Marx. This book's ISBN is 0-04-321012-0

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Crass only planned on their record label being in existence until 1984. That's why the record serial numbers count down to 1984 eg 421984. Conflict's Mortarhate Records took up where Crass left off. Here is the excellent Liberty form 1985.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Here are three books to put in the X-mas stocking of your revolutionary loved one. Two are essential reading. The "Why You Don't Need Meat" is less essential. I have found that if you don't want to eat decaying flesh of a murdered animal you won't and you don't need a book to convince you. However, it does have some great facts. ISBN 0-7225-1298-8 Thorsons Publishing Group.

A harder book to get will be The Kronstadt Uprising. Now we have heard the band of that name, but do we know about the workers who revolted against the Marxist state of Russia and were cruelly suppressed? This book has a 1971 copyright from Black Rose Books of Montreal.
I never liked the Clash but I do know they had an LP "Sandinista". These freedom fighters are named after the earlier people's hero Augusto C. Sandino. He fought back in the 20's and 30's against US Marines in Nicaragua. This should be a best seller up with all those Che books that are so popular. ISBN 0-691-02319-0 Princeton Paperbacks.

New Links

I've updated my links with some added to Turkish and Greek punk blogspots.

The Disrupters - Shelters For The Rich

The first record I ever uploaded to 7 Inch Punk was the first ep by The Disrupters. I am posting their second ep for you to encourage more to go out and buy their discography CD. Sorry for all you speed demons but here's another 1982 record. I'm sure Slobodan will enjoy it.
The band were from Norwich, Norfolk which is in East Anglia and had some great punk bands, shame about their football team which pales in comparison to Ipswich. Come on you Blues! POP QUIZ: who can name 3 punk bands from Ipswich and 3 from Norwich?

V/A Attack Is Now Suicide

An international comp released in 1988 on Double A records outta Germoney. This is recorded for you from one of my tapes so please excuse any errors it takes a long time to record from tapes and separate the tracks. There might be a machine that can do this easier. My wife said she would buy me a tape to cd recorder for the winter solstice celebrations. I dunno I need an external drive more to store all the mp3s. Total punk band count now at over 10,000. Total number of records unknown.

1. U.S. DISTRESS "Who Possesses You"2. SIC BOY FEDERATION "British Troops in Cyprus"3. VATICAN COMMANDOS "Housewives on Valium"4. O.H.M. "Fjersyn"5. S.H. DRAUMUR "Bimbirimbirimbam"6. FEAR ITSELF "Werewolf's Life"7. I DENY "Intolerance"8. DAWN OF LIBERTY "When You've the Choice"9. DRESDEN 45 "Dresden 45"10. EXTREM "Korruption"11. COLLAPS "Don't Waste Your Time"12. RANCID DECAY "Paralized"13. RAPED TEENAGERS "Nor & Far"14. STIKKY "Russia Nuked Themselves"15. NO FRAUD "Aggression"16. TERVEYS KESKUS "Koyhat kyykkuyn"17. PROBLEM CHILDREN "Breakfast of Champions"18. ASOCIAL "Call for Freedom"19. DAMAGE "Ain't No Crime"20. SUBTERRANEAN KIDS "Gente"21. PIN PRICK "Fuck S.A.C.E.M."22. DEVIATED INSTINCT "Master of All"23. AFFLICT "Can't Reach Me Now"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogg of the week

One web site I visit daily as there are dozens of superb records on there and they give a little description of the type of music so you don't waste time downloading a genre you don't like is . A band that was posted on there is also my band of the week and I'm going to had to find out more info about them is Asfixia. It looks like they are from Bilbao Spain. Crusty music with screaming female Spanish vocals.
Here is what they say on their my space: These are some of the ideas the people who form ASFIXIA have in common:- A way of understanding music and, in general, "culture" and "art", to be a free and non-profit way of expression, and not a merchandise nor a product for consumption. That's why, as much as we can, we try to make and spread our music and our ideals in a Do It Yourself - Non Profit way.- A will to express our deepest repulsion towards the current state of affairs, towards this degenerate, rotten and corrupted civilized society, towards the domestication, denaturalization and artificialization of life, towards the fact that we consume every kind of completely unnecessary filth, preceeded by the exploitation and murder of innocent beings (human and non-human), towards the indifference and passivity we tolerate and accept injustices with, and in general, towards the domination perpetrated by each and every one of us who participate in this System.- An altruistic and disinterested aim to be a useful mean for the achievement of any end we consider a fair cause.- An interest in making our daily life more pleasing and bearable, and in meeting kindred people to share experiences, our music, ideals and feelings with.The members of ASFIXIA are conscious that the mere fact of playing in a band is not coherent with the ideals we affirm believe in. Using (consuming) instruments, electricity, road, petrol, or even the machines that have made it possible for you to read this, means participating in the System we hate. Living in this society is really hard to be coherent with anti-domination ethical values, and if we contribute even just a little bit in its support we'll be partners in crime and directly responsible for the slaughter and devestation the non-human animals and the environment are subjected to everyday. It's in our hands whether our participation in the production-consumption cycle is bigger, and therefore more harmful in all of it's ways; or if we try to reduce our consumerism and support of the System to a minumum, and to influence others to do the same, in order to live in a respectful and as harmless as possible way.
Also here is a link to a You Tube video of them.

Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law

Fast forward 8 years to 1988 and we get heavy man. I think the Bolt Thrower record covers had some of the finest artwork seen on punk records. This is their first LP. Sorry I didn't separate the tracks. Also at the end of side 1 is a bonus "Blind To Defeat" not shown on the cover track listing.

Cravats - Cravats In Toytown

TV Smith said the Adverts may have had an influence on some punks lives, but did little to alter the face of rock and roll. Most punk bands still used the traditional set up of singer, drums, bass and guitar. I think the bands that are the most punk are those that push the boundaries. While the Cravats aren't that revolutionary they did have an original sound and also had their superb offshoots The Very Things, The Babymen, DCL Locomotive etc. With them being a favourite of John Peel I followed them from their beginnings and different incarnations. This is their first LP from early 1980 on Small Wonder Records. They had several singles (including one of Crass Records) and another LP. If you haven't heard them they are like The Membranes only maybe weirder. Each track on this is a cracker and yes I think I ran two together.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Out of the office

I've got a busy week coming up of VW car shows (my other love). Here are a bunch of posts (not necessarily punky tunes) that have taken me most of the day to get going. See you next week. Oh I just found my favourite site of the week lots of tunes from that post punk era, well when I was living that era I thought these were all punk. If John Peel played it it was normally good. May He rest in peace.

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

If I was lucky enough to get stranded on a desert island and I could take three records I would take "Stations" by Crass, the first Rudimentary Peni ep and this 12" by Don Van Vllet, Alex St. Claire Snouffer, Antennae Jimmy Simmons, Jerry Handley and Drumbo. Back in the day I would not listen to pop, rock, metal, mod etc (little has changed after 20 years), my friend Patrick Welsh played three bands to me that were allowed into the inner sanctum to join the punks and new wave. He enlightened me to Motorhead, Venom and Captain Beefheart. Thanks Pat.

Venom - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Again the first LP "Black Metal" crushes all that come after. You can download Venom records here and there, but I haven't seen this one shared before so here it be. A live double LP. 8/10/1985 at Hammersmith Odeon, London and 4-5/5/1986 at the Ritz, NY. The record sleeves have some less corny photos of the band and there is also a poster that accompanies this. If you don't know the tracks shame on you!

Motorhead - No Sleep At All

The first Motorhead LP is the best as with many bands output. This however, is a live LP from later on. Let me see what year...1988 and recorded in Helsinki, Finland.

The Fall - Slates

The next two post are 10" records. This first is a cracker from The Fall. It says it's published in 1981 by the sound is like an earlier Fall. My claim to fame here is that I introduced the word "slag" to my east of England comprehensive school. I used it in a thoroughly offensive, but not meaning to be sexist way to describe a slutty girl. Another word of mine is "scrunkled" to mean all wrinkled up. E.G. if you don't hang you clothes up properly they get all scrunkled. Anyway back to the music

Diagram Brothers

Before Happy Flowers in the US were bands like Diagram Brothers in England. I wish I had their classic ep with "Bricks".

Undead - It's Corruption

An early Riot City record. Great plodding British punk, just right for a pogo. From the magic year of '82.


A double single on Virgin Records from 1980 when The Mekons were still at their best. I especially like "Kill".

Friday, November 2, 2007

Intolerance - Aspectos Humanos de la Vida Animal

A superb record out of Spain from 1992. Anti violence, anti animal torture lyrics with translations into four languages. I can't remember where I picked this up. I always have a soft spot for bands who have on the cover "pay no more than". How can you go wrong with a band that has its heart in the right place? The sound is still contemporary. There are a lot of bands out there today from South and Central America that still make this kind of music.

belleza canibal
di no al speed
amanece en america
octubre 1934

Blog of the week.

This week's favourite is This was just what I had been hoping for. It has loads American punk demos and live recordings. Looks like the site has been going since August, so there's just the right amount of stuff to catch up on downloading. The only drawback is you have to make several clicks to get to the download file.

Intense Degree

No this is not an ad for a hard college course. These boys were from England, but like the Stupids played with an american flair. This record was a very early Sound Pollution record, number 3 to be precise. It was released in 1990. You can't go wrong with Sound Pollution, they are still going strong and putting out excellent material. As for the guys in Intense Degree?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Prophecy Of Doom - Peel Sessions

From the quaint British county of Gloustershire came the overlooked band Prophecy of Doom. 1990 recording so by now the punks were playing much heavier grind metal punk. Love it! Also I have to post it as a counter balance to the next post by D.A.F.