Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cravats - Cravats In Toytown

TV Smith said the Adverts may have had an influence on some punks lives, but did little to alter the face of rock and roll. Most punk bands still used the traditional set up of singer, drums, bass and guitar. I think the bands that are the most punk are those that push the boundaries. While the Cravats aren't that revolutionary they did have an original sound and also had their superb offshoots The Very Things, The Babymen, DCL Locomotive etc. With them being a favourite of John Peel I followed them from their beginnings and different incarnations. This is their first LP from early 1980 on Small Wonder Records. They had several singles (including one of Crass Records) and another LP. If you haven't heard them they are like The Membranes only maybe weirder. Each track on this is a cracker and yes I think I ran two together. http://rapidshare.com/files/69435799/Cravats_In_Toytown.rar

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