Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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One web site I visit daily as there are dozens of superb records on there and they give a little description of the type of music so you don't waste time downloading a genre you don't like is www.endlessdoorway.blogspot.com . A band that was posted on there is also my band of the week and I'm going to had to find out more info about them is Asfixia. It looks like they are from Bilbao Spain. Crusty music with screaming female Spanish vocals.
Here is what they say on their my space: These are some of the ideas the people who form ASFIXIA have in common:- A way of understanding music and, in general, "culture" and "art", to be a free and non-profit way of expression, and not a merchandise nor a product for consumption. That's why, as much as we can, we try to make and spread our music and our ideals in a Do It Yourself - Non Profit way.- A will to express our deepest repulsion towards the current state of affairs, towards this degenerate, rotten and corrupted civilized society, towards the domestication, denaturalization and artificialization of life, towards the fact that we consume every kind of completely unnecessary filth, preceeded by the exploitation and murder of innocent beings (human and non-human), towards the indifference and passivity we tolerate and accept injustices with, and in general, towards the domination perpetrated by each and every one of us who participate in this System.- An altruistic and disinterested aim to be a useful mean for the achievement of any end we consider a fair cause.- An interest in making our daily life more pleasing and bearable, and in meeting kindred people to share experiences, our music, ideals and feelings with.The members of ASFIXIA are conscious that the mere fact of playing in a band is not coherent with the ideals we affirm believe in. Using (consuming) instruments, electricity, road, petrol, or even the machines that have made it possible for you to read this, means participating in the System we hate. Living in this society is really hard to be coherent with anti-domination ethical values, and if we contribute even just a little bit in its support we'll be partners in crime and directly responsible for the slaughter and devestation the non-human animals and the environment are subjected to everyday. It's in our hands whether our participation in the production-consumption cycle is bigger, and therefore more harmful in all of it's ways; or if we try to reduce our consumerism and support of the System to a minumum, and to influence others to do the same, in order to live in a respectful and as harmless as possible way.
Also here is a link to a You Tube video of them. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zMWw_nDjDs

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