Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eclectic Rhythm

I you haven't already check out the new site post Landspeed Sonic http://eclecticrhythm.wordpress.com/. A good mix of punk and post punk, plus some other indie stuff. I didn't know The Cravats had a single " Gordon". I'll have to wait to hear it as it won't let me download it. The pick of the lot has to be the Stupids/Frankfurter Eat ep. I've got these on a John Peel session. "Raise the Breadknife" is a super version of "Raise The Curtain" by Jerry's Kids.

Also the blog master Gabe is still releasing the best demos and rare singles from the golden era of punk on http://gabesuk82.blogspot.com/

Still no new music from me. I've been downloading for 3 hours and my back's pretty sore. Still haven't bothered to figure out my uploading woes.