Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog of the week

While Nation on Fire is still my daily favourite blog through the links I found many great street punk tunes at

With regards to recording I may have mentioned before that I have hundreds of tapes, but these take ages to transfer to digital even if I record without any separation of tracks. Anyway wifey says she saw a cool gadget that lets you record direct from the tape to the computer. I may investigate this which would mean you could be in for some treats or maybe just some shit me and a few other weirdos in cyberspace might enjoy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where Religion Ends

Thanks to a comment here's a site with a great name and super musak.

I have only justed touched the surface. The genres are well seperated. I have so far looked at the anracho bands and have downloaded lots of stuff in particular lots of Mexican revolutionaries.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Band on heavy rotation is this thrash metal band from Cuba. Yeah, long haired tattooed dudes blasting out an aural apocalypse.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Back in the late 80s punk was pretty stagnant but there were still good bands playing other genres. I was lucky enough to see Godflesh, God, and Terminal Cheesecake. I never knew this band was a side project. Thanks to I have been edjamacated.

Also a search revealed a website with all the side projects.

Not all Napalm Death will like these bands, but as I have said before punk should be about being different and not appealing to mainstream music including metal jocks.

Today there are numerous decent metal/crust/d-beat/thrash/punk bands. Some examples are: Toxic Holocaust, Oakhelm, Wrath Cobra, Uncurbed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Napalm Death Live Europe 1989
Early stuff from the pioneers of grind. In case you don't know in the 90's they went very metal and suffered accordingly, well they probably did better financially on a bigger label etc, but those of us that are the holders of truth know it was not for the best. Their 2009 release Time Waits For No Slave IS worth getting hold of.

Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers & Presidennti

I guess some of the links are dead. A guy asked for me to upload this ep again. Sorry I took so long but here it is. See the earlier psot for more details and scan.

Rudimentary Peni

Surfing around on YouTube I of course had to see what's out there with my favourites and I found these videos of Rudimentary Peni in 1992. It's criminal that so many shitty videos get millions of hits and this has only 1761. Part 4 with the encore has only 466 hits! Still if more people liked punk i would never have got into
it in the beginning.
One guy has what he says are the only 2 clips of the gig and another guy has 4. I'm giving you 3 links here. It's late and I really should log off and get some kip.

Looked like the crowd enjoyed the mix of early and later tunes.

For a bonus check out the 2 year drumming to RPeni

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I reviewed this book back on November 16th 2007. I'm going to sell this one too. 500 pages full of riveting information on this freedom fighter.

Fuck the Yankee imperialists!

More Anarchist Books

If anyone is interested here are some more old books I'm letting go. You have the chance to buy before I list on Ebay.

Postage can be worked out depending on where you are and how many you want. I try to keep it at what it costs me.

Bakunin was born to a well off Russian family but gave up his military career to become a revolutionary and philosopher. The book is in like new condition except for the outer jacket. 400 pages in this 1973 edition.

Red Years/ Black Years is also in great condition, with the Institute For Human Issues covering Spanish Anarchism 1911-1937 in 300 pages. 1978.

Terrorists and Freedom Fighters is a short (92 pages) easy to read informative book. It gives the history of different countries and groups like E.T.A., Red Brigade, Baader-Meinhof etc. 1980.

A historical look at different philosophies, how they worked and might work is found in Utopia and Utopian Thought. Good stuff to make your think. 1973 300 pages, super condition.

A 1980 Cienfuegos Press (you know it must be good) release. 208 pages split into four sections. Law: An Instrument of Authority, Social Harms: Crime and Penal Sanction, The State, The Wish To Be Free: Commitment to Eden. Book was in new condition except the puppy just chewed the corner. His form of rebellion I guess.

The Noble Sabateurs is not anarchistic, but is a very intersting 1966 book on The Resistance against Hitler's forces. We all know about the French Resistance, but what about the Norwegian, Dutch, Luxembourg etc?

From Whitechapel East London I have Issue 1 Summer 1983 of Commonweal. It looks like a fanzine, but was very well made. 93 pages packed with information. Titles include: Police Story, The Peace (non) Movement, Towards a Free Society, Shoot Him Immediately, An Anti-Statist Communist Manifesto and others.

Last but not least is issue #6 of Toxic Graffity. This DIY fanzine was widely distributed. Cheap and cheerful. Contains lots of anarchist poems. No date shown on it but probably from around 1981/2.

Not sure on the prices yet. Make me an offer for one or all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EBAY auction Anarchist History Books

Some of the anarchist books I had lying around I decided to sell on EBAY. If you're interested check them out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hibakusha Zombie Masaker

Sorry I can't remember where I got this from, but I have to share it with those who haven't heard it. Some of the best Japanese bands you will ever hear all together on one glorious tape. Only problem is as with other tapes it won't fit nicely on to an 80 minute CD. All the elements you crave. Raging hardcore with quirky band names like "Screaming Damn Fossils" and song titles like "mother bicycle with dream".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love obscure punk from obscure places. Here is a Cuban punk band for you all to enjoy. Thanks to Violation blog which has dozens of great downloads for y'all.


As you may know Sound Idea is no more, but Hans set up the Black Coffee meeting room and concert still take place at the venue. MDC are touring again and this is their third time. Helen took loads of great photos and when I figured out how to get copies I'll post some. The gig opened with the last performance of local boys The Unemployed who played some good early '80s UK style punk. The other bands were all loud, fast hardcore (Eating Machine, Big Rats, Control De Estado, Murder Suicide Pact) and another Portland band touring with MDC called Embrace The Kill who played grind death metal. Super night.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog of the week

While downloading from Ratshit (I think) I found a link to this excellent site There are some great videos and lots of downloads of bands I'd never heard of, yet are really fierce. I believe the info is in Portugeuse which limits my undertanding. Check it out and leave some positive feedback.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My computer is still f...up. I've been spending a lot of time cataloging and a little downloading. A super site for obscure punk is Lots of blogs repeat stuff on other sites, but this is refreshing in some older and some newer lesser known punk bands.