Saturday, May 31, 2008


Some cool stickers the kids got.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Son Of Sam

Wasn't there a Misfits spin off band called Son of Sam? I've also got another record by a band of the same name, but it is crap. These Detroit boys here for your aural pleasure rock. They could easily be from the UK in 1982. Shame about the production sound quality, but that's real punk rock for you. I can't find any info about either the band or the record label. All I know is I've had it for at least 10 years. pw RPM

Steel Pole Bath Tub

This is an early Man's Ruin Records release. The year was 1995 with covers of earlier Cheap Trick tunes "Auf Wiedersehen" and "Surrender". Quite a unique band SPBT have a varied sound although these are a little more traditional. I have an LP and 10" that are a lot more experimental. The guys were also in Tumor Circus with Jello Biafra.


I didn't like Spizzles, but all the other Spizz bands were alright by me. I've several records, John Peel session and a great compilation of the early stuff. These guys song about global warning back in the '70s. Give Spizz the Nobel Peace Prize! I've also recorded the end of "Kirk" for you played at 33rpm so that you can hear the goofiness better.

Spravny Smer

Another 1995 recording comes from this Slovakian band. I have heard a few Czech bands and the majority seem to be Oi bands, Spravny Smer come from over the border in Slovakia. Good political DIY punk. Comes with a multi page insert with English translations.

State Of Fear

You can't go wrong with the Profane Existence label. Another 1995 record for you today. This is a rolling thunder blitzkrieg assault. Heavy crusty, but nice and fast. I'm not in the mood for sludge today.

Dead Blogs

I have added the Lo Res Viscera link. What's happened the Crustix link doesn't work? Also have found the way too good site with lots of stuff to beat the ebay high pricers, but looks like this is closing down. Who knows the new site?

I may even get round today to uploading some more music. I've been busy with my cars and have sold a couple so that I can finance a trip back to England, Germany and Spain next year. When I was a kid we used to travel all around the world. As a teenager I didn't want to go as that meant missing listening to John Peel. Anyway I'm rambling on here with nothing for you to hear. I grabbed a handful of records from the "S" section. This is what I have planned:

Son of Sam - An obscure punk band from Detroit

Spizzenergi - I can't remember the title, Amnesia

Steel Pole bath Tub - with some 1978 tunes

Spravny Smer - from Bratislava

State of Fear - some profane noise.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girlie music

I posted some comps of girl fronted punk bands. Over at there is a download to be had with some different bands. The site says there are 6 others, but as of yet I cannot access the others.

Also has the Rudimentary Peni - Catostrophe bootleg live CD. Sounds like some of the bootlegs I did are on there. Maybe I should get my stuff digitally remastered and put out a record to make lots of money, or maybe I could donate the money to soemthing useful like PETA? I did contact Southern Records once offereing them the bootlegs I did, but they never replied.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mud Honey - Superfuzzbigmuff

Kurt Cobain, Kim Salmon yes you know their names. What about Mark Arm? He played in the super Mr. Epp and the Calculations, great Green River and the greater Mud Honey. This is grunge! My Mud Honey records are on Glitterhouse which was the Euro branch of Sub Pop. This was done in 1988 and I think has a different track listing with the first track being the ever so excellent "Touch Me I'm Sick". Oh and in case you also don't know they are from Seattle, Washington. PW: rpm

Live Skull - Snuffer

Punk in the late '80s had largely changed to thrash or more experimental noise like Sonic Youth. Live Skull were from NYC and were in this latter camp. This type of music was very important for its influence on the grunge bands that would bring punk back into popularity (if that was a good thing). This is from 1988 on Caroline and is more like a mini LP. I picked it up a few years back at a record swap for 25c. Very strange cover don't you agree? PW: rpm