Friday, May 30, 2008

Dead Blogs

I have added the Lo Res Viscera link. What's happened the Crustix link doesn't work? Also have found the way too good site with lots of stuff to beat the ebay high pricers, but looks like this is closing down. Who knows the new site?

I may even get round today to uploading some more music. I've been busy with my cars and have sold a couple so that I can finance a trip back to England, Germany and Spain next year. When I was a kid we used to travel all around the world. As a teenager I didn't want to go as that meant missing listening to John Peel. Anyway I'm rambling on here with nothing for you to hear. I grabbed a handful of records from the "S" section. This is what I have planned:

Son of Sam - An obscure punk band from Detroit

Spizzenergi - I can't remember the title, Amnesia

Steel Pole bath Tub - with some 1978 tunes

Spravny Smer - from Bratislava

State of Fear - some profane noise.

Stay tuned.


Aesop said...

It would seem theat The Genocide Japan fellow has moved over here:

Pogel said...

Cheers for the info Aesop. I'm headed over there to check it out.