Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girlie music

I posted some comps of girl fronted punk bands. Over at http://tofugrinder.tumblr.com/ there is a download to be had with some different bands. The site says there are 6 others, but as of yet I cannot access the others.

Also http://loresviscera.blogspot.com/ has the Rudimentary Peni - Catostrophe bootleg live CD. Sounds like some of the bootlegs I did are on there. Maybe I should get my stuff digitally remastered and put out a record to make lots of money, or maybe I could donate the money to soemthing useful like PETA? I did contact Southern Records once offereing them the bootlegs I did, but they never replied.

1 comment:

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Thanks for the mention!
Did you record some of those RP shows?
Great blog, I'd like to trade links with you if you want.

take it easy,

jaosn L-R V