Sunday, June 29, 2008

Norwegian Punk

If you liked that Norwegian punk check out the mucho bueno Snack Ohm Tapes. This has been going for 25 years so has lots of goodies to share. Also I have just come in contact with another Norwegian site with discographies of all your old favourites and those soon to be favourites.

Oi Rare and Exotica

An international compilation, but without your usual English bands, rather bands from places like France, Japan, South America, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Singapore, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Czech, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Greece, Germany! It covers a long time period from 1981 -1996 with single tracks off the bands 7"s. Don't be put off if you're thinking this is skinhead "oi" (I like all oi as long as it not fascist) as the music is quite varied punk in the "'82" vein ( like the super cover "Ultimos Rockers" by AntiSociales. I don't know how hard the vinyl is to get hold of, but you can get this on CD now. Taang has the record for $22, but I saw a CD for sale for 5 Euros at tone of the Oi sites. Buy your own and get a better recording than I have given you. There is also a Volume 2, but I don't have that. No track listing today as I am off to watch the footie final.

Chron Gen

Another band that I overlooked for a long time. I can't remember if I avoided them because I mistakenly confused them with Gen X. I didn't like Gen X and never liked Billy Idol. However, I think I linked them with Anti Pasti. In solidarity with The Epileptics who had a beef with Anti Pasti stealing their song, I avoided Anti Pasti and Chron Gen toured with Anti Pasti. Anyway see the way my mind worked. Who gives a fuck anyway. Lots of the punks were jerks just like most of the human race. I've picked up records by both bands fairly recently so hunt them down yourself and enjoy some good basic early English punk.

Tracks here for you:

Mindless Few
Chron Gen
Puppets of War

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yugoslavian Punk

As very few leave comments it is possible that very few read the comments left by others. If so you miss out on great info. For instance Grof has given links to a "Proces" demo and a super blog This has older Yugoslavian bands and post Yugoslavian bands.

Also I am directed to the Philippine scene. I think the only Filipino band I had previously was "The Betrayed". If you go to you will find many first class punk bands.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

X-Port Plater

I don't think own any Norwegian punk and hadn't heard more than one or two bands until about 5 years ago I stumbled across a website for the Norwegian record label X-Port Plater. Back in the early days of punk it looks like this label released a whole slew of Norwegian punk. To save you lazy bastards time and effort here is a CD I made of the super old Norwegian punk bands. Of course there are many great new bands out there too.


I've managed to get the "1984" gig loaded for you. I still don't know how to get video so it's just the audio.

Also here is their MySpace

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogs of the week

Here's a blog I just found. It has lots of good crust of bands I have not heard of and some better known outfits. Also a lot of grind (which I'm less keen on).

Another site that has good stuff (the majority of which I already have) which is worth checking out is

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bull Doze

OK mullfuckers this is NY hardcore. Heavy and mean. From 1994 (I think). Record also has an insert with photos of the band members and "peace out" and "props" to their buddies. pw rpm


Paul of "1984" has the AKA of Garuda. This got me thinking about what this meant. Garuda was/is a Hindu deity, who seems pretty cool for fighting against the gods. Anyhow, there was also a Texas band called "Garuda". I think they were connected to Race Against Time or Reason of Insanity. If I had seen this 2002 release in a shop I probably wouldn't have bought it as the cover is pretty uninspiring and the track titles look like some emo band's or at best some Husker Du covers. Luckily I saw the band play live and bought this from them. I think you will like it.
I am having problems with transferring the video of the "1984" gig. It will follow some time. Today I'm off to the tattoo shop for some more ink.
Check out the comments on the previous post for some more Florida band music links from Aesop. The Pop Cruds post is what these punk blogs is all about. Finding a dusty cheap 25 year old tape and recording it for all to share. Cheers mate.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sector 4

As I mentioned before 1984 from Tallahassee played yesterday in Brandon. The set was a little stop and start, but that is to be expected when you play music at the speed they do. Paul aka "Garuda" does vocals and drums. It looked like he was faffing around adjusting his drum set after each song, but I'm sure most of it was just to get a pause to catch his breath. They reminded me of MDC, with great political lyrics, good musicianship and a lot of heart put into the performance. I posted their CD yesterday which you can download free from their Myspace. I got a copy from them and donated some greenbacks to their get home fuel. Here is a link to the old Florida band Sector 4 and other Florida punk bands Pop Cruds There is also a link to The Mentrual Cycles, but this sounds like a completely different band. These are all courtesy of

While at the Sound Idea Distribution shop I bought some vinyl. Bob has thousands of titles with a great selection of the reissues out there. I came away with the "F" Four from 84 EP which Bob put out on Burrito Records. Bob refuses to put out a shoddy reissue and there are some excellent pictures form the early days, notes from the original members and a decent interview with Flash.

Contrast this with a 7" comp "Amargado de La Vida". This has the four bands "Sin Orden", "Sin Dios", Fronterrorizmo" and " Seres Humanos". Apart from Spanish lyrics the record is also sin any further info and sin any photos. Come on guys at least give some contact info for the bands. I think they are US bands who sing in Spanish. Fast and loud music.

Another comp I bought was "Paere Punk". A reissue of the 1979 Danish compilation. This is a must buy despite the cheap packaging, with lack of effort to give any extra info on the bands or on Danish punk history. Bands are:
Lost Kids
Dream Police
No Knox

Bob has a few left so get one before you regret it.

On Know Records outta California I got Thrash of the Titans 2. This says it took 4-5 years to put out this international comp. Nice record cover with artwork by "Gaither", but again the insert with bands information and lyrics should have been a little more detailed. Bands are:
El Nudo
9 Shocks Terror
Nailed Down
Vitamin X
Let's Grow

Obviously raging thrash music from some pretty well known bands.

Lastly I got an EP by a Californian band called "Critical Picnic". From their name I doubt these young guys take themselves too seriously. They have some offensive (or maybe thought provoking) titles and lyrics. i.e.
Beat Women
Handicapped Holocaust
Bob Saget was a War hero
High Fructose Nazi Propaganda
Littering Shreds
Fetus Dinner
Disgruntled Pedophile.

I'll post the audio of the 1984 gig soon, but now I've got to set up the drum kit.

I was also going to buy the Kill the Hostages ep (another old Florida band) and the Bags LP, but got sidetracked and bought a drum set from Bob instead.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tonight there is a gig at Sound Idea with "1984". They are a punk band from Tallahassee, Florida playing '80s ultrafast hardcore and have connections to Sector 4 and Hated Youth. I'll try and video them and may have some audio for you next week. Here's their My Space i missed them last time they came to town as I was out of town in of all places Tallahassee! Here's their LP

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I made an error in saying Amdi Petesen's Arme were Dutch when in fact they were Danish. Sorry guys.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Blogs of the Week

This is a great site with lots of tapes from Yugoslavian/post Yugo bands

Another site I found that I enjoy is I'm not sure if its affiliated with the excellent Endless Doorway blog, but it also has lots of German (especially some rare East German) punk. Less heavy than Endless Doorway leaning more to the punky punk rather than the grindy punk. Know what I mean harry?

Punk Documentary

I hadn't seen these before. I may be gowing through a 30 year phase. Who is that fantastic 11 year old kid at the end of Teil 1? Lets blame the kids for looking to punk for something to belong to or should we look at the loser parents and sick society?

A good documentary done by someone who was actually there at the birth of punk was the one done by Granada TV. I've had this on video for years, but mine is on the Pal system and to play it I have to set up my English tv and video. I Can't get the others in the series to open on You Tube,but there is great footage of bands like Penetration, Magazine and Siouxsie getting gobbed on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


If I put a password on the files it will probably be "RPM"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Blogs

Some blogs have one type of music. Others mix it up so that you can listen to new bands and see what you like/dislike. Here's a couple more blogs I like. and another that had so much good stuff that it takes ages to download all the goodies: Have I mentioned where every post is a must!