Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chron Gen

Another band that I overlooked for a long time. I can't remember if I avoided them because I mistakenly confused them with Gen X. I didn't like Gen X and never liked Billy Idol. However, I think I linked them with Anti Pasti. In solidarity with The Epileptics who had a beef with Anti Pasti stealing their song, I avoided Anti Pasti and Chron Gen toured with Anti Pasti. Anyway see the way my mind worked. Who gives a fuck anyway. Lots of the punks were jerks just like most of the human race. I've picked up records by both bands fairly recently so hunt them down yourself and enjoy some good basic early English punk.

Tracks here for you:

Mindless Few
Chron Gen
Puppets of War


Vultch said...

Chronic Generation! Used to listen to these guys a bit when I was younger. Still have an album or two by em. Great blog site...I added your link. Check out mine whenever you get a chance.

mrPurple said...

I had this e.p when it came out. I think it's from about 1981 and I'd call it post-punk cos it wasn't Oi and it wasn't Anarcho-.

Exploited Barmy Army said...

Saw the band at Leicester De Montfort Hall as the openers on the 'Punks not Dead' tour in 1982(?) for The Exploited and Discharge. Unlike most support bands, well worth leaving the bar for!

Nearly 30 years later, still have ChronGen on my 'Anarchy' jacket!

Still the best band Hertfordshire's ever produced!