Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Paul of "1984" has the AKA of Garuda. This got me thinking about what this meant. Garuda was/is a Hindu deity, who seems pretty cool for fighting against the gods. Anyhow, there was also a Texas band called "Garuda". I think they were connected to Race Against Time or Reason of Insanity. If I had seen this 2002 release in a shop I probably wouldn't have bought it as the cover is pretty uninspiring and the track titles look like some emo band's or at best some Husker Du covers. Luckily I saw the band play live and bought this from them. I think you will like it.
I am having problems with transferring the video of the "1984" gig. It will follow some time. Today I'm off to the tattoo shop for some more ink.
Check out the comments on the previous post for some more Florida band music links from Aesop. The Pop Cruds post is what these punk blogs is all about. Finding a dusty cheap 25 year old tape and recording it for all to share. Cheers mate.


Aesop said...

You are welcome, sir. Thank you for a great blog as well. I grew up in Florida in the '80s (I'm 38) along with Mark or the great DOWN UNDERGROUND blog. Only recently did I come to realize how awesome our scene was. More rare Florida stuff to come.

Anonymous said...

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