Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crow's Foot

Crow's Foot ( played a small show in Sarasota at the Bike Shoppe, New College. Thanks guys great show. See you again soon. Part 1 Part 2
Superb anarcho, crust with DIY ethic.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Floppy Big Toes

Stiff Little Fingers? No Floppy Big Toes doing a bunch of covers.

Exiles From Pluto
The band's name is a little misleading as they are quite punky with songs like "Class War" and "Fucking Margaret". If you like bands like Riot//Clone then you'll like these boys.

Fifth Column

A band you may have already heard of. Female vocals, anarcho punk al a Bullshit Detector era, but tight sound.

The Dirty Toilets Well I love these guys. Sounds like some friends who got together, can't play their instruments, but that's the beauty. Offensive, immature, who cares. My mum was telling my kids that my band back in the day was awful, but not to say anything to me. They told me and I said "yes we were, that's what punk was all about".

Burning Rhythm Kinda remind me of Alternative TV, maybe the guy's voice was a bit Perryish. Probably the London accent.

Original Sin

Very good stuff here from this band. Also read their history. It's very detailed and takes me back to those troubled yet fun times.

Curfew This band has quite a few tracks on the site, with a rehearsal and live gig. When I think of the word "curfew" I think of the song by Amebix which is a lot faster than these guys, but they are still worth a listen.

Urban Dissidents

5 or 6 tracks here from a good anrcho band.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Password for downloads is/was "RPM"

The Worms

I was listening to some stuff by Burning Rhythm then did an internet seach and came up with a great site which has some super music by The Worms, Chaos, 16 Guns and other good bands liek Original Sin. I'll leave it up to you to find the site and download the goodies.