Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Easter

Here's some stuff for John, who had not heard of Black Easter. A much earlier post has a live recording I did at the Georger Robery pub in October 1982. ( If I could go bakc in time it would be to '82) This is their "Ready to Rot" ep. If I get round to it I'll scan the cover.
Day Of the Jackal
What the Fuck
Action Speak
Rockin' Chair
Great mid tempo punk and you know it's rae as they make it onto Killed By Death 5!

I think I have another live recording as well.

Friday, March 19, 2010

American Cheeseburger

Here's what I have so far. I am uploading the gig video to YouTube and Divshare (password: RPM). It is taking hours to do. Let me know if you can access the files. So far I have not been able to open the videos myself using Quick Time. I got Itunes to work and I am uploading to YouTube which still has 2 hours to go and the same with Divshare. I'll leave the computer on while I go to sleep.
I bought a great DVD entitled "The First Three Years"from the band which has footage from Athens, Boston and Allentown.
They also have a split 7" which I do not have and a split LP with Religious As Fuck.


On St. Paddy's Day I saw American Cheeseburger in Sarasota. Supporting them were local bands including grindcore outfit Cellgraft who are from Tampa. Here are a couple of tracks from them. It's a video, but it was too dark for visual.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Die Kreuzen 82 Demo

While the UK bands in 82 were pumping out oi in the US the bands were getting faster and in the late 80s many would crossover to thrash. Here these Mid Westerners play some demo tunes from the Cows and Beer 7" era. I loved their LP from a couple of years later.
Here's a website with an interview with the bassist.


Passwword: RPM