Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Easter

Here's some stuff for John, who had not heard of Black Easter. A much earlier post has a live recording I did at the Georger Robery pub in October 1982. ( If I could go bakc in time it would be to '82) This is their "Ready to Rot" ep. If I get round to it I'll scan the cover.
Day Of the Jackal
What the Fuck
Action Speak
Rockin' Chair
Great mid tempo punk and you know it's rae as they make it onto Killed By Death 5!

I think I have another live recording as well.


Pep said...

check out this Black Easter Group at Facebook with info on the band and loads of photos, also list of every gig they played..

Pep said...

would the live recording you have be from The Old School House, Woking, Surrey from 1984? this was with Jem on Vocals and Paul on Bass, there are copies floating around..