Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Amputees

A search for the band turns up little. There is a garage band of the same name outta Ohio, but this was a band from the Tampa, FL area. Tampa was the capitol of death metal, but these young lads decided to play punk ala '82 anarcho era. They even do a cover of Tube Disasters. Recently Allen of the band contacted me, as I had previously posted the audio of the band when they supported The Casualties and asked if I still had the video. I cannot upload from VCR to the computer so I re-filmed it. I think it came out ok. It's on

History of the video if you are interested. An ex-pat Brit used to put on shows at The State Theater (No Clubs Productions or something like that). There were some great shows, but I stopped going there when he f...d me over a damaged record I bought at his record shop. Anyhoo, when I arrived at this gig I locked my keys in the car and had to call for a locksmith. The cheap bastard that I am was also parked illegally in someone's vacant lot as I refused to pay for parking. While I waited for the locksmith I did not want to miss anything so I set up the video and left it recording. I had approached Endless Struggle about recording them and then sent a copy of the gig to them in Salt Lake City. So I never actually saw The Amputees play live, but do have the footage and now so do you.


lastdaysinthebunker said...

There is a band called The Amputees out of New York

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