Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crow's Foot and Volcanic Slut

Attended the Assault Your Senses 6 in SRQ the other night. Reasonable size crowd with some excellent local talent. The bands were a little shy and didn't put the light on so the video is really just audio.

Crows Foot are from Pinellas County and played some of the most enjoyable crust I have heard live for a long time. I like them because of the thoughtful lyrics and DIY nature. Super nice kids that I hope are "in it for life". I have their demo tape and a split ep with Deserter.

Volcanic Slut spawn is the illigitimate sons of Bad Brains and Slayer and play hyper fast thrash with psychotic vocals. This is only part of the set these Tampa lads played.


Here's their demo:

The bands didn't want the lights on so the visual portion is pretty useless, so I have tried to upload just the audio.

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