Thursday, February 28, 2008

Total Chaos

I was very disappointed when I bought the US Total Chaos' record to find out there was no connnection to this old English anarcho band. Should have done my homework. This band were on the Bullshit Detector and I also have their first ep and a 12". They had an interesting style that was refreshing with slower elements. My band tried to sound similar only we were pretty crap. This is from 1982! I think the band was from the north of England. P.S. I forgot they were also on the classic Papi, Queens etc comp PW rpm

Terminal Cheesecake

Someone had some other material on a blog by Terminal Cheesecake, but I couldn't get it to download. I would like anything else by them. This is great psycho hypnotic music from 1992. Remember punk should be about creating new boundaries or breaking down boundaries. I was watching a video of Human League and they were saying that they felt they were the real punks as they made a new kind of music with other bands like Cabaret Voltaire etc. My friends in Nitzer Ebb also started off that way. None of us could play any instruments so we found it easier to use a synthesizer and a new kind of music was born. Anyhow, I saw Terminal Cheesecake back in the day. I think it was in Brixton and also playing were Oxbow (not too good really) and God who were well godlike. Who needs drugs with music like this? pw: rpm

Be Quick Or Be Dead

I picked this up from a touring band. I haven't been to many gigs lately, but when I do I try and buy something from the bands to help them with expenses. Many also have things that you don't always see. This is a compilation with side a being Italian bands and side b Swedish. I always loved the old tinny, fuzzy guitars of the Italian bands, but here they sound similar to their Scandinavian brethren. This is fast music, but not to the extent of that crappy grindcore, you know the type with the guttural vocals. This still has its punk roots. The packaging is nice with a heavy cardboard sleeve and some info, lyrics of the bands inside. Also a flyer for a fast core festival in Italy organized by Agipunk. Agipunk is a great label that has released many classic Italian bands. If you don't have any Agipunk in your collection what are you waiting for? PW rpm

4 Way to Hell

A compilation from 2001. Mine is number 436 of 700 and is on the white vinyl. These bad ass bands are from Brazil, Japan and The Netherlands. Inner sleeve has some photos and info, lyrics etc on the bands. PW: rpm

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dancing Lepers PW: rpm

These Tampa, Florida high school kids sure knew how to rock out a tune ala Dead Kennedys/Big Boys. They had the musical talent, thought provoking lyrics and new how to get a crowd going, with some weid stage antics. The drummer especially used to entertain me with his elan. This was recorded at least 5 years ago and I don't know what's happened to them, as I haven't seen them for a few years. They probably went off to college and went their separate ways. Let's hope they're still rockin' out there somewhere.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the Terrornauts

Today the boys and I were watching Terminator 2 and I thought about digging out the Terminators CD for you, but its AWOL. Anyway here's another Florida band The Terrornauts.

PW: rpm

Psychotic Maniacs

Bob at Sound Idea has many connections in the world of punkdom. A few years ago he got hold of a bunch of Reactor records that had been languishing in Australia with the guy that ran the label. One of these was this ep. It was recorded in 1984, but is like new mint condition. The front cover reminds me of The Butthole Surfers. This record has it all, with excellent music and great anarcho messages. Good on ya mates!

PW: rpm

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Grabbies

A little international theme for the next three posts, with bands from Italia, Deutschland and U.S.A.

Another band name that is kinda iffie, but the music rocks. Very DIY and in the likeness of Jap flexis. They even have a record review on the sleeve that slags them off. Also this doesn't say "pay no more than", but "don't pay this e.p. less than $3.50"? Anyway I got this gem of Italian punk for 50c.

Part Of The Problem

A Pennsylvannia band. I don't know what year its from. Probably about five years ago. Sorry the last two tracks are recorded together. Someone came to the front door and...

Grinning Kids

Again I'm not sure about the band name, but some great tunes from Deutschland back in 1989.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Uproar - And the Lord Said...

As requested here's the Uproar LP. Great singalong punk, simple yet effective. From the year 1983. In case you haven't been folowing the blog I also have the singles on earlier posts.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bladder Bladder Bladder

I'm in the mood for some tuneful punk so the next few posts are something to get you tapping your foot or maybe even bouncing around the living room scaring your kids. I think this California band was some ex-pat Brits. Good honest punk rock like it should be.

Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict

You know in 1977 when this song blasted out of the speakers everyone went crazy. In my first act of rebellion I took an ol wooly pully ripped of the sleeves and spray painted "Orgasm Addict" on the front and "punk cunt" on the back. There was no going back from that.

Magazine - Real Life

This is not really rare, but is up in my top ten albums and I have seen their other records posted elsewhere, but not this. "Real Life" was their first LP and it's one of those records where you think "this is my favourite track" then you hear the next one and think "oh no I like this one too". In other words they're all great and like many bands' first records it's their best. This is not your're pogo punk, but is what I was listening to in 1978. The artists in Magazine are some of punk's legends. John McGeoch was also in Siouxsie and the Banshees and PIL, Barry Adamson also played with Nick Cave, went solo and is a great bass player, Dave Formula played keyboards for different bands, drummer Martin Jackson also was in The Chameleons. Maybe some gurus out there can educate us about any other projects. Of course the focal point of the band was ex-Buzzcocks Howard Devoto. Some of these songs were co-written by Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks. Sorry no pictures right now as the camera is awol.

"Definitive Gaze" – 4:25
"My Tulpa" – 4:47
"Shot By Both Sides" (Devoto, Pete Shelley) – 4:01
"Recoil" – 2:50
"Burst" (Devoto) – 5:00
"Motorcade" (Devoto, Bob Dickinson) – 5:41
"The Great Beautician In The Sky" – 4:56
"The Light Pours Out Of Me" (Devoto, McGeoch, Shelley) – 4:36
"Parade" (Devoto, Barry Adamson, Dave Formula) – 5:08

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mystery tune.

Back in the day I recorded this track off John Peel's show. I'm pretty sure he said it was by The Bored and was called "My Mate Jack". No searches have ever revealed any information. Any info would be appreciated. It's always been a tune that's been one of my favourites aand I would love to hear more by the band.


A really fabulous compilation LP that I never bought, but used as a resource for all the great bands on it was "Let Them Eat Jellybeans". I have a recording, but it isn't the best quality. Does anyone have an MP3 of it? In case you have not heard of it it has band such as Black Flag, Bad Brains, DOA etc. Classic American punk.

Majority Rule / Positive State

It looks like these bands were outta Virginia. Warning these guys are angry, very angry. Recorded in 1997 which to some of us is not long ago and for others its ancient history.

Lunatic Fringe

On C.O.R. Records (Children of the Revolution) in fact the first record on this label comes this ep from Lunatic Fringe. The band was John, Nick, Carl and Bear and they came from Bristol which had its fair share of great bands. I wonder what's going on in that nick of the woods today.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy

A delightful little record. This is a double single. The Kicker Conspiracy and Wings are from 1983, while the second 7" has the classics Container Drivers and New Puritan from 1980. I think the earlier tacks were from a John Peel session. Of course the label is Rough Trade. I used to make a pilgrimage to the Rough Trade shop in Portobello Road once a year on my birthday to pick up some treats for myself. Some of the records for sale were available as US Imports or UK version. The UK version was cheaper so I went for them. Now I am in the USA anyone checking out my records is like "wow I've never seen that version before" and if I were to sell them I'd get more money.

City Of Thorns

Yes I have half a day off work!

Mystic Records made up in quality punk music what was lacking in their production quality. Hey that's a bit like me. Portland is now known for crusty punk, but back in 1985 they knew how to smash out some raging hardcore tunes. Does anyone else have the others in this series of Sound of USA Cities?