Thursday, February 14, 2008

Magazine - Real Life

This is not really rare, but is up in my top ten albums and I have seen their other records posted elsewhere, but not this. "Real Life" was their first LP and it's one of those records where you think "this is my favourite track" then you hear the next one and think "oh no I like this one too". In other words they're all great and like many bands' first records it's their best. This is not your're pogo punk, but is what I was listening to in 1978. The artists in Magazine are some of punk's legends. John McGeoch was also in Siouxsie and the Banshees and PIL, Barry Adamson also played with Nick Cave, went solo and is a great bass player, Dave Formula played keyboards for different bands, drummer Martin Jackson also was in The Chameleons. Maybe some gurus out there can educate us about any other projects. Of course the focal point of the band was ex-Buzzcocks Howard Devoto. Some of these songs were co-written by Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks. Sorry no pictures right now as the camera is awol.

"Definitive Gaze" – 4:25
"My Tulpa" – 4:47
"Shot By Both Sides" (Devoto, Pete Shelley) – 4:01
"Recoil" – 2:50
"Burst" (Devoto) – 5:00
"Motorcade" (Devoto, Bob Dickinson) – 5:41
"The Great Beautician In The Sky" – 4:56
"The Light Pours Out Of Me" (Devoto, McGeoch, Shelley) – 4:36
"Parade" (Devoto, Barry Adamson, Dave Formula) – 5:08


Anonymous said...

Its not often that I find something unheard of that I could place in my top 10 of all time but I think after just listening to this album a few times it could be so. amazing band thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

you have an interesting blog - thank you for work!

...and last but not least for presenting Magazine here

move on y saludos: RoBB

Anonymous said...

Man this brings back some awesome memories, I was into this band when I was like 14 or 15 I'm 47 now and this music has been in my blood scince I first heard it. Thanks for the post...this is still Number 1

Anonymous said...

These guys have reformed and are now playing a tour - I got tickets for the benicassim festival to see kings of leon and then they announed magazine were playing - fucking ace!

Anonymous said...

'Burst' Has to be one of the greatest songs ever. For some real strange reason it also reminds me of 'Under the floor again' by The Damned. Maybe it's the guitar playing. Both are bostin tracks.

Anonymous said...

take down this crappy download link and repost when you figure out what you're doing. These sound terrible.

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