Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be Quick Or Be Dead

I picked this up from a touring band. I haven't been to many gigs lately, but when I do I try and buy something from the bands to help them with expenses. Many also have things that you don't always see. This is a compilation with side a being Italian bands and side b Swedish. I always loved the old tinny, fuzzy guitars of the Italian bands, but here they sound similar to their Scandinavian brethren. This is fast music, but not to the extent of that crappy grindcore, you know the type with the guttural vocals. This still has its punk roots. The packaging is nice with a heavy cardboard sleeve and some info, lyrics of the bands inside. Also a flyer for a fast core festival in Italy organized by Agipunk. Agipunk is a great label that has released many classic Italian bands. If you don't have any Agipunk in your collection what are you waiting for? PW rpm

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