Thursday, February 28, 2008

Terminal Cheesecake

Someone had some other material on a blog by Terminal Cheesecake, but I couldn't get it to download. I would like anything else by them. This is great psycho hypnotic music from 1992. Remember punk should be about creating new boundaries or breaking down boundaries. I was watching a video of Human League and they were saying that they felt they were the real punks as they made a new kind of music with other bands like Cabaret Voltaire etc. My friends in Nitzer Ebb also started off that way. None of us could play any instruments so we found it easier to use a synthesizer and a new kind of music was born. Anyhow, I saw Terminal Cheesecake back in the day. I think it was in Brixton and also playing were Oxbow (not too good really) and God who were well godlike. Who needs drugs with music like this? pw: rpm


Jeronyme said...

Here are a few links for you:
Johnny Town Mouse:

Valium Chicken Leg:

Angels In Pigtails:

Live at London The Venue 9th March 1991:
Part 1:
Part 2:
You might enjoy the singer's previous band the Purple Things as well (from Their latest stuff is quite similar to Terminal Cheesecake whereas their early material was Psychobilly/Garage oriented. No surprise as they were previously known as the Vibes one of the best Psycho/Garage band from the 80's.
Tell me if you enjoy the early Purple Things releases and I'll send you some links for the Vibes.

Jeronyme said...

Oh, this is where I found Terminal Cheesecake's links:

Pogel said...

Many thanks Jeronyme. Also glad you liked the Total Chaos.

Pogel said...

How do I open these SIT files?

Jeronyme said...

I usually use Stuffit Expander but it seems designed for Mac.... if you have trouble I'll re-up these files in Zip format for you.
Let me know...

David M said...

hoped to download the Terminal Cheesecake live recording from London 1991. the download links you kindly provided have expired.

if anyone could point me in the right direction to find this recording or perhaps provide a new download link it would be fab.

be good.
David M
ndavidmiers AT yahoo DOT com

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