Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Back in the late 80s punk was pretty stagnant but there were still good bands playing other genres. I was lucky enough to see Godflesh, God, and Terminal Cheesecake. I never knew this band was a side project. Thanks to I have been edjamacated.

Also a search revealed a website with all the side projects.

Not all Napalm Death will like these bands, but as I have said before punk should be about being different and not appealing to mainstream music including metal jocks.

Today there are numerous decent metal/crust/d-beat/thrash/punk bands. Some examples are: Toxic Holocaust, Oakhelm, Wrath Cobra, Uncurbed.


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MRMAGOOMC4 said...

late 80s was no way near stagnent there was loads of great bands you could go and see red letter day,the price,the sect,mega city four,snuff,
cheap,senseless things,midway still,
losers,perfect daze,guttersnipes,
and tons more besides, punk was stagnent during 1985-1988 when crap like death core,stench core,speed core rulled the punk scene in my view the late 80s early 90s was the last big punk music influenced explosion if you have not heard any of these bands then heres your chance to do so.

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