Monday, November 26, 2007

Bakunin On Anarchy

Strange that communism is now a dirty word as the beautiful concept of harmony among people has been perverted by corrupt politicians. Also anarchism seems to have faded away again as a threat. I'll have to read this book again. I know it was heavy reading when I first got it. Michael Bakunin was a Russian nobleman that gave up his title and wealth to participate in the revolutionary movement of the mid 19th century. He differed from Marx in remaining outside the system. This book has different writings by Bakunin on social subjects, different theories and his opinions of other philosophers and revolutionaries. I'll have to dig out my books on the Paris Commune and Peter Kropotkin. I don't have any by Marx. This book's ISBN is 0-04-321012-0

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Slobodan Burgher said...

I got Demanding the Impossible by Peter Marshall (I think) which appears to be a quite good book charting the main starin of anarchist thought in history. But to be honest I kind of got bored and stopped reading after a few chapters, meaning I did not get ahead to read about Bakunin et al which was the reason for getting he book in the first place, lol. Guess I'll try again soon, but got a too long backlog of books already!