Friday, November 16, 2007

V/A Attack Is Now Suicide

An international comp released in 1988 on Double A records outta Germoney. This is recorded for you from one of my tapes so please excuse any errors it takes a long time to record from tapes and separate the tracks. There might be a machine that can do this easier. My wife said she would buy me a tape to cd recorder for the winter solstice celebrations. I dunno I need an external drive more to store all the mp3s. Total punk band count now at over 10,000. Total number of records unknown.

1. U.S. DISTRESS "Who Possesses You"2. SIC BOY FEDERATION "British Troops in Cyprus"3. VATICAN COMMANDOS "Housewives on Valium"4. O.H.M. "Fjersyn"5. S.H. DRAUMUR "Bimbirimbirimbam"6. FEAR ITSELF "Werewolf's Life"7. I DENY "Intolerance"8. DAWN OF LIBERTY "When You've the Choice"9. DRESDEN 45 "Dresden 45"10. EXTREM "Korruption"11. COLLAPS "Don't Waste Your Time"12. RANCID DECAY "Paralized"13. RAPED TEENAGERS "Nor & Far"14. STIKKY "Russia Nuked Themselves"15. NO FRAUD "Aggression"16. TERVEYS KESKUS "Koyhat kyykkuyn"17. PROBLEM CHILDREN "Breakfast of Champions"18. ASOCIAL "Call for Freedom"19. DAMAGE "Ain't No Crime"20. SUBTERRANEAN KIDS "Gente"21. PIN PRICK "Fuck S.A.C.E.M."22. DEVIATED INSTINCT "Master of All"23. AFFLICT "Can't Reach Me Now"

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