Sunday, November 4, 2007

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

If I was lucky enough to get stranded on a desert island and I could take three records I would take "Stations" by Crass, the first Rudimentary Peni ep and this 12" by Don Van Vllet, Alex St. Claire Snouffer, Antennae Jimmy Simmons, Jerry Handley and Drumbo. Back in the day I would not listen to pop, rock, metal, mod etc (little has changed after 20 years), my friend Patrick Welsh played three bands to me that were allowed into the inner sanctum to join the punks and new wave. He enlightened me to Motorhead, Venom and Captain Beefheart. Thanks Pat.


Anonymous said...

I've never really thought of Beefheart as "punk", perhaps his earlier (pre-Trout Mask) material is in the garage punk vein, but rather feel that he's truly a unique and remarkably talented artist.

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