Monday, December 10, 2007


Forever Positively Obsessed are a straight edge band from Macedonia. This tape is five years old and I will find out what they sound like now in a couple of weeks as they are touring. They are playing at Sound Idea on the 22nd. The songs on this tape are short and fast and recorded in their bedroom. DIY or die. I'm not too keen on US straight edge these days as lots of the bands I have seen end up being jocks from the NE of the USA who know nothing about punk. FPO look like they are in that different mould like other excellent European SxE bands. Vitamin X for example were one of my favorite bands I have seen live. So check out the music here and also come along to Sound Idea if you can. Speaking of Sound Idea don't forget to check out Bob's mucho excellente weekly radio show.


piter said...

dzięki fajna kapelka
pozdrawiam i zapraszam na:

Pogel said...

Thanks Piter I like the site it has a lot of godd music and videos.