Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Payoll Benefit Comp

http://rapidshare.com/files/75895172/payoll_benefit_comp.rar This is what its all should be about. Non-profit rasing money to help those less fortunate. 500 eps to benefit for the Payoll squat in Brasil. Let's hope they got some funds to survive for a while.

Bands are:

Faulter from Staten Island, NY

Diavolo Rosso from Bellheim, Germany

Spinebender from Nurtingen, Germany

Wut Entbrannt from Regensburg, Germany

Difekto from Brazil

Revolte also from Regensburg

and Seuchenherd from Gunzburg, Germany.


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

REVOLTE and WUTENTBRANNT weren´t from Regensburg. both bands just had the same bassplayer - Clausrotten. he and the singer (who was the drumer for REVENGE too and now plays in DOOMTOWN) from WUTENTBRANNT lived here for a while! Clausrotten moved to Trier to join QUATTRO STAGIONI before he moved back to Regensburg! as this comp. was put out by my neightbor I can ensure you that the money went to this squat! more REVOLTE, WUTENTBRANNT and related bands on my blog!

Anonymous said...

hi bro mi distro got this killer 7"
(many copies like 20/22!!


contact me if you wont!!

i have know in LoNdon the bass player(or guitarist i don't remember now)m very nice person!!

Anonymous said...

sorry i write but i don't have write the name of the band..

Defekto is the name..

The guy name is Pedro!!
we sleep toghether in a Suat church for many day with a "Strange killer organ""