Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The excellent Phoenix Hairpins had a post of Vonbrigdi an Icelandic band, which got me thinking about Peyr (pronounced Theyr). The band have been compared with Killing Joke and in fact Jaz Coleman produced one of their LPs. However, it always reminds me of David Bowie. Sorry I can't tell you the record name or give you a photo. It is from one of my many tapes. Back in the day when I had to save my dinner money to buy records I would buy singles and my mate Mark would buy the LPs. We would then record eachothers vinyl. It worked out great as bands released more singles and it would cost us the same. Anyway this was a record I suggested he buy as I had heard a track on John Peel. When he bought it we were both pretty disappointed, but now I enjoy its quirkiness. I guess its just a 12" judging by its length.


Anonymous said...

The name of the Album is "Homogestalt".
There is about 12 tracks in total, I used to have this on vinyl back in the day.
Luckily I still have a good quality tape I made of the Album.

It is a brilliant piece, not a lot of people realise that this album and "requiem" by Killing Joke brought about all your death metal through to grunge, way ahead of it's time.

Astral Traveller.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's memory for you, the name of this album is "as Above", thing is dirc=ectly above where it says "As Above" it say "Homogestalt" so there you go,.....and fortunately for all here is a link.