Monday, December 10, 2007

Total Corrupt

Another 5 year old tape here. This time from an Indonesian band Total Corrupt. 14 songs that are professionally recorded and packaged. The only draw back being that an old man like me has trouble reading the tiny print. The lyrics are about disorder and social rebellion. The translations are done in that superb way like some of the Japanese. eg "Laws is not running now, People unbelieve about all of shit". Also great band member names of Dipo Corrupt, Ade Totalizer, Gasix Horrible and BJ Scum. I may have to investigate this band further. Yes I'll start with sending them an email.


Purboyo said...

first im sory because my email at was not actived. Iam Dipo Corrupt from indonesia. I just browsing about your post and iam interest to read your commen about my musics... Maybe you can contac me later at " " . I hope we can continue this relation. Actualy, Total Corrupt had broke for about 4 years its becuse our buzy at work. Now Total Corrupt begin to hit a nation with our new musics more anger and more powerful again. Okey i wait about your news for total corrupt.
See you...


Thanx to supporting us.. we need people like you to make punx exist.
I consider that its not late to aswering your comment beacuse we had missing contact each other for long time and now we back and ready to hit a nation with our songs.
Maybe you can send email at " "... i wait your commen soon as possible.
Keep in touch my brother... see u