Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amputees - "The Final Stand"

I have some recordings from a concert in St Pete, FL. that had the Casualties, The Virus, Endless Struggle and The Amputees. I liked the first band Amputees best, being the most basic, raw, DIY etc. They played some good political street punk, with influences of 80's UK . Highlight is the cover of Tube Disaster. I had to go back outside and leave the video running while I got a locksmith to get my keys I locked in the car, when I heard this song pumping out across the airwaves. Great bass. The track titles come from their set list:

Hanford City Blues

New World Order

Cease Fire

What are you going to do?

The Drafter

Third World Forgotten


Pit SOng


Stop the Testing

SPD's Tribute

encore? http://rapidshare.com/files/54969500/Amputees.rar

The band did release a CD, but I've never seen it.


johnadams@jqatampa.com said...

This is awesome, sorry it took 3 years to see this... the band members just found out about your post. Do you happen to have the video still?

--Avid Amputee fan with Amputees ass tattoo

Allen said...

Dude, this is fantastic. If you have the video from this show, specifically the Amputees portion of the set, I am willing to spend actual American dollars on it. allenkoholic@hotmail.com

Rock on.

-World's shittiest bassist.