Monday, September 17, 2007


Ok just so you punkies who don't get your knickers in a twist here's some good old anarcho punk from 1985. If you like bands like Riot/Clone you'll love Carnage. No info on where the band was from. Band members: Andy Halitosis, Leechie Smith, Rusky and Sid Vayne where are you now?

There are four tracks, but no info at all on the second gem. The record cover is two stapled together to make a pocket ot hold the vinyl.


uk82 said...

Some more records by this band:

Get the demo here:

jack said...

i can't seem to get this download to work. could you fix it by chance??

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Carnage at the Richmond in Brighton,around "84-"85.They were ace,the lead singer used to ,by virtue of Mother Nature,look facially like Jonny Rotten.He used to play on this by the clothes he wore and his on stage mannerisms.tHE BAND WERE FROM bEXHILL,IN eAST sUSSEX.i HAD THEIR L.P ,"fACE tHE fACTS" WICH WAS ACE,AND INCLUDED AN irreverent song about Anthony Nolan.If your not old enough to remember who Antony Nolan was,im not telling you here.Suffice to say the media rammed him down your throat once he died,and his parents started some trust in his memory.Sympathy overload to the extreme,and Carnage expressed this tiredness of the Antony Nolan story,and the who gives a fuck about him,in "Antony Nolan Is Dead".bEST SONGS ON THE ALBUM FOR ME ARE THE OPENING TRACK "bEAUTIFUL cARNAGE" and "Face The Facts",.RavenPupski,2012.

Anonymous said...

P.S.Leechy (Colin) Smith;Bass.Andy Hu,vocals;Rusky,Drums;Sidney Vayne,Guitar.

Tom Crawford said...

I use to play bass in a very early version of this band with Colin Smith, Colin Smith guitar vocals, Steve Tidy Drums