Wednesday, September 26, 2007

La Muerte - Peep Show

I have four 12" by this Belgium band. I'm sure they did even more records. For me they were like the Belgium Birthday Party mixed with God Bullies. This record is great quality live sound from 1986 on Soundwork Records. I think my other ones were on Soundwork and the first on Play It Again Sam Records. If there is interest in the other records let me know and thanks to all those who have left comments lately.


Rik said...

HI, I live in Mexico city and here it´s almost impossible to find this kind of stuff. I have "death race 2000" in vinyl but I would love to get their other material.

can you help me? thanx a lot

Dr Feelgood said...

Yep we had some great band here in belgium, i saw them over 20 years ago and i haven't seen anything like them since. I shure am interested in the other 12 inches you got , they would make great downloads. I myself got two albums of them.
- Every soul by sin oppressed & Experiment in terror witch is a cover album from hell and maybe to best piece of vinyl i have. Imagine them playing : crazy horses, on the road again, kung fu fighting, summertime blues. I will try to get them on my computer and post a download link , you will love it.

Anonymous said...