Tuesday, September 4, 2007

War Compilation

Howz about this then? 500 pressed comp from Over The Top Records, out of CT, USA. No info on the bands on the copy I have, but they are an international mix. Rattus from Finland, Capitol Scum were from Belgium I think. I got this off ebay as I wanted in particular anything by Damage from NY who were pre-Prong, but this Damage is the Finnish band. What year was this comp made? Guessing by the heavier, slower music style it must be the late '80s.


Curious Guy said...

Yep, Capital Scum are from Belgium and are still going with 2 original members.
I think this is the Damage from Finland on this comp., not the NY band.

Pogel said...

Yeah you're right. I had hoped it would be the NY Damage. I have their "Sins of Our Fathers" LP which I like a lot. I slso have an LP by the Finnish Damage, which I'm less keen on.