Friday, September 7, 2007

Never Mind the Bloodstains Here's Young Raw Sounds

Young Raw Sounds Rare Punk Vol 1. Well this has a a few bands you've heard of and a a few you haven't. A few that rock'n'roll and a few that suck ass. Too Much remind me of an early The Jam. The label notes say Cane's B-side should've been the A-side. Well why not give us that side instead? Uggh I'm listening and recording that track now. Most of the tracks seem to come from 1978 and were originally on Lightning Records. There must be quite a few of the original records out there somewhere. eg it says Jet Bronx first 15,000 copies were on coloured vinyl. Reissued on Zeus who were out of my home county Essex. I've seen a Volume 2, but do not have it myself.

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