Friday, July 20, 2007


Shame on you that do not post or read comments. Here's some of what Rebel84 posted with some information on Chilean punk and links to fine music. I was at the Crass Witham gig at the Labour Hall in 1981 and am eternally greatful to Rebel84 for the link and to those he got the gigs from. Check out the Conflict comments to find links to other Crass gigs.

Hi Pogel!, here's the Witham gig: to Babbler from Skafunkrasta punk forum)

Unfortunately, Chile doesn't have a great punk history. The first punk bands start to play around 1987...this situation was mostly because the fascist dictatorship between 1973-1989.Anyway, the few bands that recorded in the late 80's are here in 2 compilations, and a best of comp. by the most important chilean punk band in my opinion, who start to play in 1987:VA - Compilado punk chileno 1987-1991 (Bootleg, very low quality recordings...sorry)- - Clasicos Del Punk Chileno ("chilean punk classics", relesead in CD in 2003, all original recordings from 1989) - Ad-Hok - Best Of comp. -!!


tim said...

Man, would have loved to have heard the Chilean punk stuff (well the last 2 especially)... onwards, upwards!

writing university essay said...

punk - nope! but I heard their metal stuff! have to say that it's crazy, not worse than Europe school