Monday, July 9, 2007


Conflict are still going today. In fact I saw them a year back in Tampa and have a video I did of them. Conflict played an impressive long gig. It was unfortuante that they were supported by Total Chaos (US) who were heckled big time. I don't think some people even bother to read the Conflict or Crass lyrics. They put the patches on their leather jackets and fly around the dance floor with steel top capped boots flying. Conflict are direct action punks. They get stuck in with animal liberation, anti government protests etc. Fight the government not eachother. I think one of the band just got out of prison after a fairly lenghty stint. Here is their website: This recording is another from the Anarchist Centre 6.82. I saw Conflict many times and always had a great time. I still have some Conflict t-shirts which I have given to one of my daughters, as she likes the animal welfare sentiments. While most of us were victims of fights against punks Colin had a bottle smashed in his eye. Track number 5 is about this; "Blind Attack". At the beginning of the gig you can hear Colin singing about Gary Bushell being a wanker. I used to think this but have since read stuff he has wrote and my opinion has changed. Always have an open mind.


Rebel84 said...

Great blog mate!!...many thanks for this Conflict live recording...I really love Conflict...much more than Crass...
I have been waiting for a long time to get these albums by Conflict:
Live at the Centro Iberico
Better Dead Than Wed
In the Venue
In America
There Must Be Another Way

If you already have some these...just feel free to post them.. :D

Cheers from Chile!!

Pogel said...

Glad you liked it Rebel84. I have the early Conflict singles and LPs. I think the last one I bought was "Turning Rebellion into Money". I actually like Crass more as they were the primary band that turned me in a new direction in my life and opened my mind to new concepts. Keep watching and one of these days I'll post the recent Conflict gig.

Rebel84 said...

Great!!...keep the good work Pogel...

pd: I've got a lot of Crass, In case you don't have some of these items...I could upload...

Acts of Love, 50 Songs to My Other Self
Merry Crassmas 7''
Demos 77 & 79
Demos 78 -79
Live Aberdare Wales '84 (Last Gig)
Peel Session EP (4 tracks)
Peel Sessions 79 (6 tracks)
Live in Bristol, England 1981
Who Dunnit 7''
Witham Labour Hall 1981
You'll Ruin It For Everyone
Christ The Bootleg
Ten Notes On A Summer’s Day
Yes Sir, I Will
Best Before
Penis Envy
Christ The Album + Well Forked...
The Feeding Of The 5000
Stations of The Crass
Interview (?)


Pogel said...


I have all the vinyl, but would be interested in the Bristol and Wales gigs. I don't think I have them, but most of all I have to have the Witham gig. I was there! We were going off on holiday the next day, but my dad drove me the 10 miles or thereabouts to the Labour Hall in Witham to see Poison Girls and Crass. I would guess that it was in 1981 and was fantastic. No trouble, good sound quality and very inspiring. Please hook me up. Cheers.

Rebel84 said...

Nice memories Pogel...I was born in you know...when the last real punk was dieing, so sad :(
You are lucky to have lived those years...

Here's Live in Bristol:
and Live in Wales by Crass:

If you are interested, you can get the cd versions of Crass main albums in nice quality and much more on the great PunchDrunk blog:


Pogel said...


Thanks I checked I already have these, but I do not have the WItham gig. Can I have a link? Also do you have any great Chilean punk?

Rebel84 said...

Hi Pogel!, here's the Witham gig:
(credits to Babbler from Skafunkrasta punk forum)

Unfortunately, Chile doesn't have a great punk history. The first punk bands start to play around 1987...this situation was mostly because the fascist dictatorship between 1973-1989.
Anyway, the few bands that recorded in the late 80's are here in 2 compilations, and a best of comp. by the most important chilean punk band in my opinion, who start to play in 1987:

VA - Compilado punk chileno 1987-1991 (Bootleg, very low quality recordings...sorry)-

VA - Clasicos Del Punk Chileno ("chilean punk classics", relesead in CD in 2003, all original recordings from 1989) -

Fiskales Ad-Hok - Best Of comp. -


Brian said...

Rebel84, any chance of uploading Crass "Acts Of Love"? Can't find it anywhere.

Pogel, cheers for the Conflict stuff! Sound as a pound, mate!

slyme68 said...

No, Gary Bushell is still a wanker. tales he tells of being a trotskyist are lies, but trots are wankers anyway, saying that putting the British Movement's Nicky Crane on the front cover of "Strength through Oi" was "a mistake" is pathetic and what he writes now is openly nationalist and xenophobic. id rather read Julie Birchill whose drivel you cen at least laugh at.